Thursday, February 28, 2008


So I just watched an episode of Oprah that I'd recorded a few days ago and she had none other than my guy, Rick Springfield, on. And you all thought Clay Aiken was my man. Rick was my first love and he's still just as much a GREAT singer and performer as he ever was! He had that audience jumping. So I'll always love this guy.

Now for Clay, have ya'll heard that I'm making my first trip to NYC in April--to go see Clay on Broadway in Spamalot. Can't wait! It will be so FUN. Going with my sister-in-law, Monica, and Kevin's sister, Kristy, who also loves Clay but has never been able to see him in concert or anything. We are going to have so much fun. We're also going to see Wicked and tear up that town in the short time we'll be there. April 24 cannot come fast enough!

Oh, and speaking of men and the love's of my life, thank you Kevin for putting up with me and my "guys" and for letting me go to New York and most of all, thank you Hon, for loving me. (You really are my number one!)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Yesterday was a crazy day. We took Sam and Taylor to the surgery center early in the morning and they both had tubes put in their ears. Taylor also had his adenoids removed. They both did such a great job dealing with it all and recovering. I think the whole ordeal may be harder on Mom and Dad than the kids. It's so hard to watch a nurse come take your baby away and know that they will be put under anesthia and "stuff" done to them. Sam came out of it really well and all he mostly wanted was just a bottle as he was starving. He was much happier after being fed and went to sleep taking a nice long nap.
After they finished with Sam, they took Taylor back. We thought he did such a great, brave job of going with the nurse. Maybe ignorance is bliss, we really didn't tell him much of what was going to happen, just that the doctor was going to fix his problems with his ears and nose. The doctor came to tell us that what he thought was true, Taylor's adenoids were huge, causing him to barely have an opening to breathe right. We approved the removal of them. It took a bit longer than just the tubes and so did the recovery. I waited for Taylor to come out, but he was so sleepy and wouldn't really wake up, so I took Sam home and Kevin stayed with Taylor.

Taylor finally came home a while later and went right to bed and slept for hours. We were told to get him drinking LOTS of fluid. When I did finally get him to wake up, he drank lots of juice and kind of relished in the fact that I'd bought him lots of yummy things to eat and drink, like yogurt drinks and popsicles, Jell-o, etc. He's really milking it for all it's worth! That's okay, Taylor is quite a picky eater and we've been worrying about whether he's getting enough nutrition, so we're actually just happy to see him enjoying anything. He's done really well today and besides a bit of a nasally voice, says he feels fine. Now he just needs to take it easy with no running and too much horsing around for 10 days.
I'm delighted with the thought that these procedures will make Sam better than ever, as well as Taylor. Taylor gets a lot of colds and always seems to have boogers and stuffiness. The doctor assured us that this will really help!
Later last night as I was putting Sam's pajamas on, I noticed a really strange rash in three big splotches on his chest and tummy. I immediately freaked out because it was the strangest thing I've ever seen. I ran to show Kevin and grabbed the phone to call the doctor. Here's the picture we took of the rash.

After Kevin and I looked at this strange rash and talked through it, we suddenly realized that during his time with the doctor putting the tubes in his ears, they had him hooked up to some monitors with wires and tape. Silly us! The "rash" was from the tape they had put on him. Whew! I really thought that was the strangest looking rash I'd ever seen with its donut shape. We got a good laugh out of it. Here's a few more pictures of my cute, sweet baby, Mr. GQ!

Both boys seem totally fine today, aside from Taylor's nasal sounding voice. We're hoping that corrects itself soon!

All the boys recently have been playing with Legos a bunch. I think it has helped that during the week they are not allowed to play Game Cube and Game Boy, so they are trying to find ways to creatively play together. It's really been nice to see them playing so well, although they've set up Lego Central in our piano room. We have three different sizes of Legos and it's been fun keeping the little ones off the floor, so Sam doesn't get them. Sam is always right there with the boys, fitting right in.

The other day Taylor made this cute Lego creation and I thought it was so creative that I had to take a picture. He just came up to me out of the blue, while the other boys were at school and said, "Look, Mom, I made a duck holding a pizza!"
That's it for today! (Note--still trying to figure out this blogging thing and can't seem to get the pictures where and how we want them. Captions? Etc. Even Kevin's not sure.)

Friday, February 22, 2008

YIPPEE! One Small Step....

Well, I'm happy to say that if I get nothing else accomplished today that at least I can say I cleaned the kitchen (okay, I do that everyday), but I also got the floor swept and mopped! That's quite the accomplishment for me. I feel good that my baby can now crawl around the floor and it's pretty darn clean. (Can't say that about the carpet!) But I'm glad I got the tile floor done. I don't get it done as often as I know I should and maybe that's because within the next meal, it's a mess again! Sam makes a great vacuum, but I feel really bad when he mops! : )

Pictures and even video soon as you should see this cute baby walk around pushing his toy walker and just laughing his head off. I almost can't stand how cute he is! Speaking of that cute boy, he needs his diaper changed and I best go do that as he's spoiling my fresh clean air! Later.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Actually, since these pictures were taken a good month ago, Sam has decided he loves to eat everything. Crackers, cookies, Cheerios, bread, cut up fruit, veggies, etc., etc. This is quite the difference from Taylor, as he used to choke on everything until he was a good 18 months old. Sam pretty much chomps it all down.

I can't believe my baby is 11 months old now! I have a feeling he'll be walking soon. Hey, we're just barely getting the sleeping through the night down!

Sam has had five ear infections in the last five months and is now scheduled for tubes-in-his-ears surgery next week. Poor guy! We're really hoping this will help him feel better. Taylor will also be getting tubes in his ears--again. He had this done two years ago, but the Dr. feels it is best to redo as he's been having a few infections lately. Taylor always seems to have a bit of a cold or stuffiness, the Dr. also thinks he'll remove his adenoids during the tubes surgery. It will be nice to have these issues taken care of with T and Sam. (Once we get over the not-so-fun part of having our kids go under anesthesia.)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Couldn't pass up including Sam in the snow pictures. Although this was taken about a month ago, he was not enjoying the snow one bit. I think we were only outside long enough for me to snap this and went back in to get all these clothes off! Cute little Sammie!


We awoke to quite the storm after it rained all night. But for once the snow was the "fun" kind, so even though it was a Sunday and church was canceled, we let the boys play outside. They made forts and this cool snowman. Dad helped, but only after sharing a scripture with them to make it more "Sabbath". Look up Alma 48:8 and you'll understand.


Though I've been sick with what feels like the stomach flu and achy all over, it's been a good day. Kevin's really helped out and let me take a couple naps.

We're ready for winter to be over with now, especially since the kids got to play in some real snow! ; )