Sunday, February 17, 2008


We awoke to quite the storm after it rained all night. But for once the snow was the "fun" kind, so even though it was a Sunday and church was canceled, we let the boys play outside. They made forts and this cool snowman. Dad helped, but only after sharing a scripture with them to make it more "Sabbath". Look up Alma 48:8 and you'll understand.


Though I've been sick with what feels like the stomach flu and achy all over, it's been a good day. Kevin's really helped out and let me take a couple naps.

We're ready for winter to be over with now, especially since the kids got to play in some real snow! ; )


Max and Deborah said...

Very cute and fun!!! You have such an adorable family. I like your online photo albums. Your life IS all about boys. I am excited to see what all you do on your blog. If you want a different page... go to the top of my page the red bar, It will take you to some different fun blog pages set ups. Have fun!!

Amanda said...

I just thought it would be fun to post a comment on your first blog post! Love you girl! :)

Aaron Morell said...

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