Monday, February 18, 2008


Actually, since these pictures were taken a good month ago, Sam has decided he loves to eat everything. Crackers, cookies, Cheerios, bread, cut up fruit, veggies, etc., etc. This is quite the difference from Taylor, as he used to choke on everything until he was a good 18 months old. Sam pretty much chomps it all down.

I can't believe my baby is 11 months old now! I have a feeling he'll be walking soon. Hey, we're just barely getting the sleeping through the night down!

Sam has had five ear infections in the last five months and is now scheduled for tubes-in-his-ears surgery next week. Poor guy! We're really hoping this will help him feel better. Taylor will also be getting tubes in his ears--again. He had this done two years ago, but the Dr. feels it is best to redo as he's been having a few infections lately. Taylor always seems to have a bit of a cold or stuffiness, the Dr. also thinks he'll remove his adenoids during the tubes surgery. It will be nice to have these issues taken care of with T and Sam. (Once we get over the not-so-fun part of having our kids go under anesthesia.)


Michelle said...

he has such a cute, big smile!

yes, parker had to have tubes as well. poor taylor to have to get them all over again! but they do help tremendously...hopefully you'll be getting more sleep when it's all over!

hey - you need to post a "hot mama" picture of you since your weight loss! we all need to see!

Max and Deborah said...

What an adorable little boy!!!! He has such a big smile. It is fun to get the messy pics.
My kids did not get the infected ears. I can think of one time, but boy was Alta in pain. She screamed and screamed all night.
It will be a relief to have that taken care of. We will pray for your adorable family!!!