Friday, April 02, 2010

Baby Chick Sugar Cookies and Rainbow Pancakes

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But look at these cutest sugar cookies you’ll ever see first!  I can bake like the best of them, my chocolate chip cookies, as well as other kinds, cakes, pies, brownies are all delicious, but one thing I’m not very good at is decorating things to look pretty/cute and fabulous.  You’ll see an example of that on my post about our recent cheesecake throwdown.  Dan walked in with an awesome looking white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.  Mine, not so decked-out.  (I did win the throwdown though!)  Anyway, what I’m getting at is these hatching baby chick sugar cookies are so cute and so easy that even I could make them.  So you can, too.  Yeah, I WISH I was as good as some of my blogging pals, like Amanda or Leslie.  But we can’t all be that good, now can we.

Super simple though, cut the cookies with an egg shaped cookie cutter.  When cool, frost the top half with yellow icing, let it dry (my icing recipe dries really fast!).  Add the little orange beak before the icing dries.  I used some candy coated sunflower seeds I had.  I’ve seen these done with orange icing and even what looked like cut up fruit leather.  Once the yellow is dried, frost the other half with white icing.  For the eyes, melt a little chocolate and put it in a plastic zipper bag with a little snip off the corner and pipe on the eyes.  You could also use mini chocolate chips for the eyes.  That’s it.  Done and so cute.



Now, I know what you’re thinking.  What’s up with the chick with the eye patch?  You could just say while we were making these, we decided to make one for Dan! ;) No, really, while piping the eyes, I really made a mess of one, so Scott thought it would be fun to put an eye patch on it to cover it up.  He just might be the cutest one.  While making the cookies, I also cut out a bunch of flowers.  I like making the icing runny enough that you can just dip the cookies.  It dries shiny and smooth.  Then I just piped some yellow in the center for the flowers.


Peep, Peep!  Here’s my favorite sugar cookie recipe that I’ve been using for years and have never had troubles with it, even rolling it out immediately, no dough chilling time involved.

I'm Gonna Call These My Mom's Sugar Cookies

1 cup unsalted butter (2 sticks, or 8 oz.), softened

1 cup granulated sugar

1 large egg

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 tablespoon cream (I almost always use milk)

3 cups all purpose flour

1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

Cream the butter and sugar together.  Add the vanilla, egg and cream (or milk).  Beat until fluffy, scrape sides of bowl at least once.  Add the dry ingredients until it comes together.  Turn dough out on floured surface, knead it into a ball, just a few times.  Do not over knead the dough.  Making sure there is enough flour on your surface that it doesn't stick, roll out dough until desired thickness.  I always do about 1/4 inch.  Cut dough into shapes with cookie cutters.  Laying on baking sheet lined with parchment paper, bake cookies at 400 degrees for 7-10 minutes (until desired doneness.)

Transfer to cooling rack.  When cool, frost cookies.


The icing recipe I use is one I got from Allrecipes.  I adapt it just about every time I make it.  Sometimes I only use vanilla, and the amounts of milk and corn syrup I use always seem different, but there’s the main ingredients that I used for the chicks and flowers.  These really were fun and easy!

My Favorite Sugar Cookie Icing, by Katrina Smith, Baking and Boys!

3 cup powdered sugar

3 tablespooons corn syrup

3 tablespoons milk

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoon almond extract

Beat with electric mixer, on slow at first, then beat on high for a couple minutes.  Add more milk until the icing is the consistency you’d like.  Sometimes I make it thicker (like for the chicks) and sometimes I thin it out (like for the flowers).  It always dries nice and smooth, but not so hard like royal icing.


For April Fool’s Day yesterday, I didn’t do much, but the boys sure get a kick out of being pranked or being the pranksters.  I hurried downstairs and woke the boys up in a huff, telling them to hurry as I’d slept in and school was about to start and we were late.  I rushed them through getting dressed and kept them moving fast.  They were confused and kept trying to tell me what time is really was.  I assured them that I didn’t know why, but their clocks were wrong and it really was almost time for school to start.  So they were rushing through trying to get dressed.  Then Scott just stopped and said, “Wait a second, it’s April Fool’s Day!  You’re joking.”  Okay, well, it was fun for the minute it lasted.  I didn’t really try to do anything else the rest of the day.

But for dinner last night, I decided to make the boys pancakes.  We love having breakfast for dinner at least once a week.  So just for kicks, I put some of the pancake batter into four bowls and colored it.  They thought these were pretty cool. 


Here’s the pancake recipe I almost always use.

Whole Wheat Pancakes, by Katrina Smith, Baking and Boys!

1  1/2 cups white whole wheat flour

3 tablespoons granulated sugar

1  1/2 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

1  1/2 cups low-fat buttermilk

1 tablespoon canola oil (I actually forgot it with these and they were fine!)

2 large eggs

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional, sometimes I put it in, sometimes I leave it out)

Combine the dry ingredients in a medium-sized bowl.  Whisk together.  In another bowl, combine buttermilk, oil and eggs and whisk together.  Pour the liquid into the dry ingredients and stir until mixed together.  Our desired size spoonfuls on heated griddle.  Turn pancakes when tops are covered with bubbles and edges are beginning to look cooked.

*For the colored batter, I put some batter in four different bowls once it was combined and added different colors of food coloring to each and stirred it until combined.  Serve with syrup (and the boys love peanut butter on their pancakes).


Mimi said...

So cute. I love the pirate chick.

Unknown said...

Arrgh!. and the patch is even on the correct eye!

Amanda said...

I am totally in love with these super cutie cookies!!! LOVE! And you are too sweet to say such nice things about my cookies *blush*.

Did you see the April Fool's Cake (Fake Cake) I made for Kaboose? If I hadn't made it early for them, I would have tricked my kids here with it. But they were already wise to me :-/

Alee said...

Too cute! I'm baking with my little siblings tomorrow, we'll have to try these. Thanks so much for sharing!

Gloria said...

Cutest cookies ever! The pirate chick is adorable. Makes me want to make these.

CindyD said...

Try adding a teaspoon of almond extract to the cookie batter - then you'll have the same recipe I always use, given to me by a coworker almost forty years ago.

luke & sammy said...

so cute I love the cookies!

Pamela said...

Great cookies and really fun idea for the pancakes, too.

eatme_delicious said...

SO cute!!! My favourite is definitely the one with the eyepatch!! Adorable. I've been wanting to make some cute Easter cookies and you've definitely inspired me. And I love how your icing recipe doesn't use egg whites or meringue powder as most I've seen. I'll be trying yours out for sure. Pancakes are also awesome. =)

Megan said...

Super cute cookies! I love the sunflower seed for the beak! I just made duck sugar cookies but I covered mine with fondant. I love sugar cookies. :)
And those pancake looks so fun!

Kerstin said...

Aww, what adorable cookies, especially the little pirate!

Susan said...

Your cookies are darling and I think the pirate one is the cutest!

Julie said...

Those are the cutest cookies, how sweet :)

Anonymous said...

Love the multi coloured pancakes! I pick the pink one!!!

And those cookies? I'm going to play favourites and pick the pirate one!

Barbara said...

I just adore these very creative (and delicious looking!) cookies. I have no doubt that your boys must brag all the time about their great mom and the wonderful ways she shows love, including in cookie form. Many thanks for sharing.

Anna said...

Happy Easter!!!! Those chicks are adorable.

Liz said...

Haha, the eyepatch chick cracked me up. So cute! I also love the rainbow pancakes--your boys are pretty lucky. :)

Anonymous said...

I love those chick cookies, they are adorable!
Easter is over, but I might just have to make them anyway. LOL!

Leslie said...

Ahhh thanks for the shout out! You make me blush.
I think your cookies are adorable!

Eva Challen said...

Thanks for the great idea for pancakes! My kids won't eat them very well, but they all ate at least one of each color. They loved them!

Kayte said...

Those cookies are so cute! You did a great job on the little eye patch fun! I don't know...not sure my guys would go for rainbow pancakes, just saying, they would, as teens, take one look at that and whisper, "Chick food for sure." LOL. You will see!!!

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sharleen said...
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Shelby said...

Katrina, these cookies are ADORABLE!

Suzanne said...

I heart ALL of these! How cute and totally creative. The eye patch is genius!

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