Sunday, April 04, 2010

Usual Easter morning here, the kidlets awoke to Easter baskets and lots of hidden eggs to find.

Wakin’ up.


The hunt.

DSCF2935 DSCF2931



The loot.




The bartering and swap.


I’m sure my extended family will be sad they missed out on these “fish roll” Bunny Tails I made for dinner tonight.  Saw this cute idea at Kara's Kitchen Creations (She’s having a giveaway on her blog right now, too, until Tuesday, April 6, check it out--It's for a nice slow cooker).  For the Bunny Tail Rolls, you can use your favorite roll recipe.  It’s all just in how you “roll” the rolls! ;)


Roll about a 6-8 inch piece of dough.  Fold it up so the two ends overlap at the top, for the ears, put another little round piece of dough in the space at the end of the roll—the bunny tail.  Perfect for Easter.


I used my trusty, favorite recipe for 30 Minute Rolls.  Whenever I make that dough, I’m “forced” to make cinnamon rolls or cherry almond rolls.  These are so good.  So I made some of those today, too.  And would you believe, after making the boys eat some cereal for breakfast before breaking in to their candy, I then let them eat candy all morning and have a cinnamon roll for lunch!  Such a health conscience mom!


Hey, we did have a good dinner.  Ham, mashed potatoes, asparagus and peas, brussel sprouts, bunny buns, salad and fruit salad.  Hands down my favorite part of the meal was the brussel sprouts.  I saw these a few months ago over at the fabulous Leslie’s blog, The Hungry Housewife and have wanted to try them since then.  Her recipe calls for shallots and I didn’t have any, so I used garlic.  She also uses fresh brussel sprouts and all I had was a bag of frozen ones.  Still, these have bacon, garlic and butter and are roasted in the oven.  What’s not to like about that?  Oh, then there’s a drizzle of a balsamic glaze.  Good stuff.  I made everyone at least try it.  No one really liked it.  But I loved them and am happy there’s some leftover.


Here’s Kevin and Bob playing with their new toys.


They are Droids.  No, they weren’t sitting there texting back and forth, but boy, they love their toys.  Look at Bob trying to hide his from the camera.  Gotcha!


Dessert---not even sure what this is called.  Ice Cream Dessert sounds good.  You just take a layer of Oreo Cookie crust, then any ice cream you choose, then some hot fudge (spread on while cold) and whipped cream (yes, I used Cool Whip!) and sprinkled with some more chocolate.  The ice cream I used this time was a peanut butter brownie ice cream.  I’ve made it in a 9x13 inch pan before, but this time I used an 8 inch pan which made for a thicker ice cream layer.  What I really like about this is you can use any cookie crust you want, any ice cream, and any topping and it’s different every time.  Mint chocolate chip is good.  I made it once for my mom (who doesn’t eat chocolate) and used vanilla sandwich cookie crust, a fruity ice cream and topping and it was really good.  The sky is the limit with this one.

Pretty low key day here for Easter.  We didn’t have church, which was a little strange, but our church has what is called General Conference twice a year.  The president of the church, Thomas S. Monson and all the general authorities speak in four meetings that are broadcast on certain tv stations on Saturday and Sunday. Easter just happened to fall on General Conference weekend this year.  So it was actually wonderful to be able to hear some wonderful messages and talks from these great leaders today.  They testified of our Savior, Jesus Christ and about his life, crucifixion, and resurrection and gave great counsel on things we can and should be doing to live better and be happy.  I believe in our Savior, Jesus Christ, too.  I’m so thankful for what he did for each of us and I strive to follow his example each day.


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Unplanned Cooking said...

Happy Easter! Your kids are going to have such fond memories of waking to your baking. I sort of do, and I've never actually been to your house :).

Maria said...

Great Easter photos! Glad you had fun...and all of the food looks wonderful!

CDC said...

Looks like a wonderful day of fun and food!

Leslie said...

Ohhh those cinnamon rolls look addicting.
And the brussel sprouts look pretty darn good too :)
Where on Earth did you get that fabulous recipe????
he he he he

Julie said...

Looks like a fun hunt! BTW...your floor is so clean :P

Kayte said...

You could have put those brussels sprouts in my Easter basket and I would have been an extremely happy camper! So much fun to see the boys and their baskets. Those rolls are so cute!

Anonymous said...

I am on sugar overload just from your pictures! Those were the days when the Easter Bunny delivered a ton of candy!

Unknown said...

I wish I had you for my mom! That ice cream dessert looks amazing!

Kat said...

The cafeteria at the place I work at makes that ice cream dessert once in a while. They call it Heaven Cake because the whipped cream gets all light and dreamy (I think they used more whipped cream than you did though). Delicious!

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