Thursday, April 01, 2010


So ya'll know we're moving to Utah this summer. And ya'll might or might not know--we've already bought a house! Aaahh, I know. But we are so excited to be in our new home. Our house has a fabulous kitchen (actually it has two full kitchens). But the main kitchen is big and amazing. It has a great, long island in the middle with bar stools on one side. Two of the bar stools actually have broken backs.  We’ll be fixing those soon after moving in.  On a different note, check out at the bottom of this post for a great giveaway opportunity from CSN Stores. When we went to the Salt Lake City Hogle Zoo a few weeks ago, we saw this cute little, baby giraffe.


We read online that it died last week.  How sad.  Said the reason was “failure to thrive”.  I’m sure the parents are still grieving. 


My wonderful friend, Mindy, showed up Sunday evening with this lovely bouquet of flowers chocolate for me.  How nice.  Then she and her mom invited Taylor, Sam and I over today to make some more bouquets for Taylor to take to his teacher.  They were fun and easy.  Thanks, Mindy and Kay.


Sam often tells me to take pictures of random things he’s done.  Here’s the silverware holder from the dishwasher with his tools and GeoTrax in it, in his toy wagon.  Nice.

And his sandwich creations which he begged me to take a picture of, peanut butter, honey and string cheese!  He was rather proud.



And he loves ridin’ around in his homemade car.  Well, his favorite is really when the big brothers scoot him around.


Is that random enough?  I found some Orange Creme Hershey’s Kisses at the store, I love buying  the Kisses when they come out with new flavors.  I love the look of their white chocolate with orange stripes.  I wanted to put them on some cookies.  There’s a recipe right on the back of the bag.  I followed the recipe exactly.  Shocker, I know.  The cookies are a good sugar cookie.  The only thing I would change is after I made a few batches and they spread quite a bit (a lot more than the picture of them on the bag), I chilled the rest of the dough for a few hours.  It didn’t spread as much.  I was having fun with the sugar sprinkles.  I like the ones with the yellow, orange, light green and green sprinkles the best.



I don’t like that the kisses start melting down to look like flattened cones.  So after a few like this, I took the cookies from the oven, immediately put the Kisses on and then put the cookies in the freezer for a few minutes.  The chocolate still had enough time to melt so it would stick to the cookie, but they held their shape better.



If you liked those little orange-flavored aspirin your mom gave you as a kid when you had a fever, then you’ll like these Kisses.  That’s what they taste like.  Really, they just taste like candy orange rather than real oranges, which is okay, since you’re probably not putting the Kisses in a fruit salad or anything!  I liked the cookies also without the Kisses, even when I baked a couple until they were pretty crisp (on accident).


They are quite fun and festive for Spring/Easter!

And now about that giveaway—I’ve started a new blog just for product reviews and giveaways.  Head on over and check it out.  Leave me a comment on the new blog, Baking and Boys Giveaways and Reviews to be entered in the giveaway, you won’t want to miss it.  The contest is open until next Wednesday, April 7 at midnight. 


mike said...

What will they come up with next? Love those stripes - and the cookies Katrina - looks like someone else did too! Random thoughts and events are what make life interesting! I'm heading on over to the giveaway blog now.... :)

Unplanned Cooking said...

Oh, so sad about the baby giraffe. Will check out your new blog.

Valerie said...

Sounds like Sam's gonna be a chef like you. My daughter Sabrina is always telling me to take photos of things and put it on my blog. One of these days I'll set up a blog just for my 3 children and maybe make it private for my family. I think they'd have fun with that!

It's great that you have the Follower now so I can see your updates along with my others. I never did figure out the other reader that you had.

♥peachkins♥ said...

I love the color of these cookies!

Gourmified said...

I was sad to hear about the baby giraffe, too. We went on my son's birthday last year July 31st, and were surprised by his little appearance. Every time after we had to see the "little" guy. Sad.

Oh and I'm totally coveting your new house and kitchen especially! Congrats!

Fallon said...

2 kitchens?? Wow lucky you!! It is beautiful and so much space for baking. Wahoo!!

Plain Chicken said...

Love those cookies - they are so pretty! Love the colors. I need to find a bag of those orange kisses.

Unknown said...

Those are some pretty kisses!! Congratulations on starting a new blog, it takes a whole lot of dedication. With exams and studies, I'm finding keeping one up tough! I admire you!

Anonymous said...

Cute cookies! And awesome kitchen!

Valen said...

Oh my two kitchens, I couldn't be anymore jealous!

Mama Mouse said...

I don't like chocolate, which means that I eat a lot of sugar cookies. I am constantly looking for a sugar cookie recipe that tastes like the "Cookie Factory" sugar cookies. These LOOK like those... do they taste like them too?

Mimi said...

Your new kitchen looks fantastic, can't wait to see what kitchen #2 looks like. A second blog I'm impressed.
The cookies look tasty.

Anonymous said...

Love that kitchen and thanks for the tip about freezing the cookies to keep the Hershey kisses from melting.

Unknown said...

Wow. I love those cookies =) SOOO TEMPTING =D

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Anonymous said...

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