Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kiddies Eating Yummy Things!

Today I bought four dozen ears of corn at the farmer's market.  While we were shucking it out on the deck, Sam grabbed one and started gnawing on it.  By the time we'd finished the shucking, he had pretty much eaten an entire piece of the raw corn-on-the-cob.  He sure thought that was the best treat he'd ever had while he was eating it and hanging on to it for dear life.  He would not let anyone touch it.

DSCF7626 DSCF7622

Is there anything cuter than this happy little face!

Got the corn cooked, cut off the cobs, bagged in freezer bags and frozen to enjoy throughout the summer and fall.  Have 14 bags now with two cups each.  Will probably buy more corn at next week's farmer's market.  I remember doing this growing up and it would take quite the herd of us to spend one WHOLE day doing each of the steps.  We'd have all four burners on the stove going with boiling pots of water and people at each "station" doing their job.  It was a long day.  I think I like this four dozen a week thing!  Mom, how many dozen did we do at those times?  We would also spend our fair share of enjoying certain ears that needed to be eaten right then and slathered them with butter and salt and pepper.  Also when you cut it off the cob, it often stays in big pieces, those are hard to resist as you're bagging it!  Yum.  Gotta love summertime harvest!

The boys have been asking me if they can have a "big" cookie and until tonight I hadn't let them have one.  I'd break them into fourths and let them eat smaller pieces of these giant cookies I've been baking.  They were happy to finally get their own big one.  Although, when you ask my boys to "pose" for a picture, this is what you get.

DSCF7646   DSCF7649


They really were happy and were just being silly and each ate their whole cookie!  They should sleep well with their full little tummies after that cookie and milk!


Granny Jacque said...

Hi....the kids are so sweet looking with their big cookies and funny personalities. Glad you finally got Scott to take a picture! Sam looks just tickled to be eating that corn! We would do 35 to 40 dozen ears of corn in one day! I think the way you do it is much easier on the body! It is a fun memory...remember how we would always have to fix two bags of corn on Thanksgiving -- one for Lara to eat herself and the rest of the family to eat the other...I miss her so much! We are enjoying watching you cook up a storm and seeing pictures of the kids, too. Love you....MOM and DAD

Max and Deborah said...

Wow, love the frozen corn process. My kids eat raw corn also. I am gonna try your 24 hour cookie recipe for our vacation trip this week. Can't wait to try it. Also, this picture of Parker looks so much like you!! so fun having such a huge cookie.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

I haven't realized the cookies were actually so big!
That is a lot of corn you have going on there! Good luck with it!

karen diane said...

Thanks for your comment on Graceful Chicken. It's nice to know there are some others out there who can relate! Oh, and I am glad to see there is some time for baking once the kids start aging a little...I can't wait to try out some of your recipes! Yay! Thanks again!

Randi said...

Lucky you, our corn doesnt come until late August. We dont even have any decent US corn( which we usually get, but I heard there was a shortage).