Monday, June 23, 2008

An Anniversary to Remember!

Friday was our 11th anniversary.  Or should I say the one that wasn't?  Kevin made special plans for us to go to Kansas City (one hour away) to dinner at The Melting Pot where he had a few nice things waiting for me, like flowers and some special gifts.  I was excited for out little evening getaway.  We usually take turns planning the dates as a "surprise" where the other doesn't know what we're doing or where we're going.  So I actually didn't know the plan until after the incident that canceled the evening's events.

I was about to fix my hair for the date and had my curling iron and my straightening iron on and I was in the bathroom about to use them.  Let me preface this by saying that Sam is often in the bathroom with me while I am getting myself ready and he has in the past tried to reach the cords to the irons.  This time, he was in our bedroom with Kevin and I was about to work on my hair when Kevin called me in to the bedroom for a second.  I swear not even ten seconds went by and Sam had made his way into the bathroom and first thing grabbed my straight iron.  We heard a blood curdling scream and ran in to see him on the floor with the iron dangling off the counter.  My poor baby had (obviously) grabbed the straight iron and burned both his hands (fingers) pretty badly.  He burned pretty much 2-4 fingers on each hand.  Kevin immediately picked him up and held his hands under the cold running water.  I filled a bowl with ice and water and while he screamed we soaked his hands, called Kevin's sister Cindy (a nurse and our savior when it comes to medical things) and decided we should take him to a doctor.  SO, the evening was canceled for anniversary plans and our babysitter (friends) got to the house as quickly as they could and Kevin and I got Sam in the car with the bowl of ice water and took him to a prompt care place.  They were fairly quick to get him in, but he was hysterical while the nurse tried to bandage up his fingers.  While she was a nice lady, she just didn't seem to have a clue how to bandage up his little fingers.  Kevin and I took turns holding him down while she made several attempts and while he screamed.  It's so sad to see your child hurt and pretty much feel to blame about how it happened.  I know, most kids have their turns at burns and injuries such as this, but I just want to take away his pain! 

Sam is a little trooper though!  We had to go get a couple prescriptions filled and I could really extend this story by telling you all about how the Dr. prescribed Codeine for Sam and how NO pharmacies keep that in stock (probably for safety reasons) and why didn't the Dr. know that.  And I could tell you about how while I ran in to the pharmacy to quickly get the prescriptions filled, Kevin sat in the car comforting Sam.  And then I could tell you how a good half hour later after me pleading with the pharmacy several times to hurry if they could and then find out after they made me think it would be done shortly that they don't even have it and called every pharmacy in town to find out no one did.  I could tell you that we couldn't understand why the Dr. just didn't prescribe Tylenol with codeine (that they all keep in stock).  I could quickly explain that after a number of phone calls to the Prompt Care and talking to the nurse that she finally helped us get that prescription for Tylenol with Codeine.  I could leave out the part about how frustrated we were and how we just wanted to get some pain medicine in our poor little baby. 

We returned home, chatted with our friends who had been babysitting and comforted Sam some more.  This kind of thing really frustrates Kevin and he no longer wanted to even worry about feeding the kids or about any kind of dinner for our anniversary.  So we spent some time deciding to quickly make the kids some frozen pizza, then on my way to fill the prescriptions (that's right we didn't actually HAVE the medicine in hand yet), I went and got Kevin a Chipotle burrito and some salad for our friends and I at Applebees and THEN to the pharmacy.  The person at the counter got me the meds in a nice timely manner, but had to have the pharmacist talk to me (why do they do that, really?) and I swear I stood their waiting while the pharmacist looked like she was just reading some stuff on a computer (I'm sure it was important).  I was getting more and more agitated because I had food in the car to get home so we could eat some kind of dinner with our friends.  The pharmacist finally came up and looked at the prescription I was picking up for Tylenol with Codeine (minus the alcohol-for babies) and said, "Okay, it says here you should give him 1.2 ml every six hours.  Any questions?"   Oh my goodness!  Yes, my question is IS it really necessary that I had to wait for THAT?  I can read a prescription label people.

Okay, enough complaining.  You know how something like this happens and just every little thing seems to really add up and make it seem like everything was about as annoying as it could get, and then another little thing happens.  Sigh!  Well, anyway, at 8:00 we finally sat down and ate our wonderful anniversary dinner, friends included.  (No offense Berghouts, we were happy you were there and so thankful you could baby sit!)

I will say one quick positive thing--have you ever been to Chipotle?  I actually have not ever been to one until this night and for ordering two burritos, as Kevin likes to say, "the size of your head", I don't even think I was in the restaurant for one whole minute.  They got that burrito making thing down there!  Great service, my kind of dinner--FAST, but good.  Kevin LOVES their burritos.  I have never had one and well, probably won't because that would be like at least three days worth of food for me. 

So after all that, we had already previously given Sam some regular Tylenol, so we couldn't even give him the prescription stuff until he woke up later in the middle of the night--like 2 a.m.  And I've always thought codeine makes you drowsy?  Well, our little Sammie was WIDE awake from about 2 a.m. to 5 a.m.  That stuff wired him like crazy.  Kevin and I were SO tired.  Sigh!  And well, anyway, that's my quick (not), little, condensed story about our anniversary.

And what do you do for fun on your anniversaries?   (We are grateful Sam's burns weren't worse as we think about how he could have grabbed the curling iron which is hot all the way around the barrel and instead got the straight iron which isn't quite as bad!)  We have to keep bandaging his wounds as they don't stay on his hands very well for too long and to keep putting a burn ointment on them.  Sam is a little trooper through it all and just goes about his life adapting to whatever he needs to.  He has a hard time picking up things, especially little things like the food on his plate, so I gave him a fork and darn it all if it isn't the cutest thing to see him try with all his might to pick up sliced grapes with a fork.  He's done so well and never got mad or complained.  You gotta love that about kids.  They just do what they have to do.  As adults I think we complain way too much.  At least I know I do.  I need to work on that!

Here's a few pictures we've captured of little Samma!  First off, how stinkin' cute is this little skateboarder!  (taken before the accident)


And this little slicked back hair combed babe!



Here he is bandaged fingers and all trying to finish writing his dissertation.  ;)  Such a trooper!


A man's gotta eat--no matter what!


It was hard to get a decent shot, not that this is pleasant to look at anyway.  Also can't see that his thumb had it on this hand, too.  Tomorrow I take him to the doctor to have her pop the blisters and remove the skin.  Ouch!  I'm sure Sam won't be very happy with that and for the next couple days.  He's a little trooper though!  Gotta get to bed, it's after midnight.  Will try to post some of this week's baking soon!


Michelle said...

oh my goodness, katrina! i am SO sorry that happened!! i can only imagine the anguish you went through - having your baby hurting is the WORST. well, i'm glad that he is FINALLY taken care of, after all of those crazy doctor issues.

on a side note, i hope you get your melting pot trip in soon - it is such a fun place!!

Deb said...

It really is the worst to listen to your baby/kids cry in pain. He did seem to have bounced back pretty well when I saw him on Sunday. What a cutie!

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Auch! Poor little kid! But he looks so cool about it, he's the cutest! Hope all goes well in the doctor.

Max and Deborah said...

Holy Cow!!! poor little Sammie. I am sorry he burnt his little hand. Ouch!! It is amazing how little kids just adapt. Silvadine, is a burn ointment that really takes the burn away. My family used it often.

The Melting Pot, it is awesome. Be ready to eat for 3 hours. If you get all the courses. Love it!

Katrina said...

We have been using Silvadine since Friday when the PromptCare place gave us a prescription for it. The burns are looking better, but we have a ways to go. Lots of bandaging that he does not enjoy (neither does mom!)
I'm eagerly waiting for the raincheck to Melting Pot!

David and Janalee said...

OUCH! I am alway so scared that Maya is going to do the same thing! Poor Sammy- and poor mom to have to skip The Melting Pot! Hope things get better quickly.

misswendy said...

Hey, there! My first comment on your blog-which I love. It's so fun to see your boys and see yours and Kevin's features in their faces. I feel for you with the burn. April was letting her oldest daughter cook with her when Grace was a toddler. April was sure she would be able to watch her carefully enough since she was right there with her. Wrong. It only took a second for Grace to touch the hot burner after April removed a pot. Oops. Lots of blisters, like your son's burn, but the good news is........absolutely no lasting scars. I don't think Grace even remembers that it happened. You did the right thing with the cold water right away, just like Ape did. I'm sure little Sam will be back to normal in no time. We have yet to have burns or stitches (knock on wood), but my son did break his wrist in preschool. He didn't listen to the monkeys on the bed story closely enough. Luckily, he landed on his hand, not his head.

Tiffany Winters said...

Oh my goodness... Ouch! I heard that he burnt his hand, but I didn't realize that it was that bad. Give that little boy some kisses from me.

Anne Marie said...

I can't believe it...on your anniversary of all times. That looks like his fingers must have hurt SO much. Sounds like such a pain to put all those bandages on. Toddlers are so quick. I know there was one time that Chris pulled the ironing board down (yes, the iron had been put away) oand his toe ended up getting severely cut by the fall, requiring glue at the Dr.'s. I felt so bad.