Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Posting a Few Goodies Since I Have A Minute....While Sammie Sleeps!

Decadent Cocoa Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Treats

Some time last week I made more rice krispy treats and these were decadent!  Now I'm taking a break from the krispies.  But here's the Decadent Cocoa Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Treats and what I did to make them.

DSCF6825-1 DSCF6820

I made the chocolate ones with Cocoa Krispies and added about 1/2 cup semi sweet chocolate chips to the melted marshmallow mixture.  After mixing in the cereal, I added about 3/4 cup mini M&M's.  I spread those in a 9 x 13 baking dish.  For the peanut butter layer I added about 3/4 cup peanut butter to the melted marshmallow mixture, then added the cereal and added Reese's Pieces (about 3/4 cup) to that.  These were YUMMY, especially if you like the pb/chocolate combo!

Chocolate Marble Chunk Cookies

I made these a few weeks ago, they look really neat and were a pretty darn good cookie.  I found these here at another foodie website called Eat Me, Delicious--lots of yummy things on this site!

DSCF6657 DSCF6661

Eclair Cake

Next up is this very yummy Eclair Cake I had a few months ago at a church meeting.  I then received the recipe and made this one for Mother's Day (I'd rather make my own desserts ; ), we had company over and Kevin's parents were here and everyone loved it!  It is so simple to make.  I'm sorry that I don't have a source as to where the recipe originated.


The recipe is:

1 Box Graham Crackers (keep whole)

2 small boxes French vanilla instant pudding

3 cups milk

8 oz. Cool Whip

For the icing:

3 T. butter, softened

3 T. cocoa powder

1 1/2 cups powdered sugar

1 t. vanilla extract

3 T. hot water

Mix icing first and let cool before spreading on cake.

Mix pudding and milk in large bowl and let it set up in the fridge.  Fold in Cool Whip.  In a 9 x 13 pan, put down a single layer of graham crackers.  Spread half pudding mixture over crackers.  Lay down another layer of crackers and the rest of the pudding.  Place a final layer of crackers on top and smooth icing over the top layer.  Cover and chill over night.  This MUST be chilled overnight or at least the equivalent in hours.  It will cut like a cake.


Next up:

Hershey Kiss with Cheesecake Center Mini Brownies

These were cute and easy!  I used a brownie boxed mix--although this would be just as easy with a homemade recipe for brownies.  I sprayed the mini muffin tin generously with cooking spray.  After adding brownie mix to each tin, I pushed a Hershey kiss down into the center.  There are so many different flavors of Kisses these days, that the possibilities for these brownies are aplenty!  Next time I try the Cheesecake Kisses, I would bump up the cheesecake flavor of the brownies and maybe also do a swirl with cream cheese in the brownie batter.  I do think it's really cute how nicely the kiss showed up inside the brownie.  The Caramel Kisses would be great as well as the peanut butter ones.


We'll end this yummy post with a "treat" that I've been thinking about lately as I made these a few months ago, didn't like them much the first day, then REALLY liked them the second day.  If you like cheesecake, this one is for you.  I got the recipe from my trusty food pal, Anna.  Here is the link to the recipe from Cookie Madness.  The only thing I did different was I always use the 1/3 less fat cream cheese and I added some chopped almonds to the top.  I would use pecans on the top next time.  SO GOOD!  These are called Pineapple Cheesecake Squares.




Michelle said...

happy birthday, scottie!

girl, how you are staying so skinny while making these amazing treats is beyond me!! i am so excited to try those pineapple ones! mmmm....

Cookie Madness said...

You are a baking maniac! Wow!

I've been too busy with the puppy to concentrate on anything, but those Krispy Treats look good.

Also, eclair cake is one of Todd's favorite desserts. I could spend hours making something fancier, but he'd probably rather have eclair cake than just about anything else. Yours looks just the way mine does when I make it.


andrewsrock said...

nothing more to say. other than..

Judy said...

Katrina -- the eclair cake is a staple in my neck of the woods (Eastern North Carolina), and so so yummy. I love it!