Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Happy Birthday, Scott!

Scott turned 10 years old yesterday.  (I can't believe that!)  Where is the time going? 

We had a very busy day!  I worked on things for his party all morning.  We had a baseball themed party and I made these cute (EASY!) cupcakes.


It was super hot though.  But we were happy that it didn't rain as it rained all day Monday and was supposed to rain yesterday.  All total there were 16 kids at the party!  I know, what in the world were we thinking?  We just keep letting Scott make a list of who he'd like to invite from school, then after making sure all the kids in the neighborhood are invited and friends from church, the list gets longer and longer.  While they are a rowdy bunch, it's a fun time.  The last three years Scott has had a water party playing in kiddie pools and with water guns and water balloons.  He didn't want to do that this time and has really been liking playing baseball lately, so we went with a ball playing theme.  Although, we decided a few of the kids would be too young to enjoy baseball, so we played dodge ball and kickball. They seemed to have a lot of fun, but it was sure hot and humid yesterday!  Kevin did a great job spear heading the games and playing along.  After an hour or so of that, we went back in the house and had all kinds of treats--the cupcakes, ice cream cones, cotton candy, peanuts and popcorn.  We thought it would be fun to rent a cotton  candy machine--and it was!  Although the machine was a lot bigger than I had imagined and was fun to figure out without any instructions, we thought it was pretty fun!  The kids were pretty excited that they got to take home a bag of cotton candy.  Sam enjoyed it, too!

DSCF7019  DSCF7023 DSCF7025

Scott enjoyed being with friends from school (they've been out for about two weeks) and got some fun gifts, too!  We're not very good with taking pictures during events like this, so we didn't get a group pictures and should have.  


We also started a "tradition" a few years back of having a themed pinata at the boy's birthday parties, so we ended with the pinata and each of the kids got 4-5 turns hitting the huge baseball pinata.  Then they scrambled for candy after it finally broke open.  Fun!  These kids scored if you ask me--they each took home a goodie bag full of baseball themed toys, cotton candy and peanuts, as well as their loot from the pinata.  Scott had fun!

After that whirlwind party, we had an hour to clean up (and this time the house was really a mess--oh well!).  Then we met some friends at a pizza place for dinner and after that returned to our house for yet more cupcakes and ice cream and presents.  Our friends, the Berghouts came, and Dan manned the cotton candy machine to his hearts content as he'd mentioned he'd always wanted to do that.  We had cotton candy flying all over the place!

DSCF7018 DSCF7022

Anyone wants some?  : )

Happy Birthday, Scott!

DSCF7043 DSCF6998

I still have a lot of goodies I've made that I wanted to get posted, but with my laptop dying, I find it even harder to get to the desktop computer downstairs!  I did this one while Sam was wandering around causing all kinds of problems and getting in to things.  Can't do that very often!  Guess I'll just have to go bake something else! 

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Anne Marie said...

What fantastic cupcakes! You threw quite a party. 16 kids! Wow.