Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nutella Buttons—Tuesdays With Dorie—Baking Chez Moi

Nutella Buttons

I have something sad to tell you.  I messed up.  While these mini cupcakes, made light and fluffy with whipped egg whites, look great, it wasn’t until they were baking that I realized I FORGOT THE BUTTER!  Even worse, while mixing the dry ingredients with the egg yolks, I thought it so strange that the dough was not coming together.  Dorie mentioned in the recipe that at this point the dough would look like a paste.  Here was mine--


My already melted butter sad in the microwave, waiting to be put in the mix.  I never once thought about it.  I was perturbed that this wasn’t right.  So my brain decided—add another egg yolk.  Okay, so I added a fifth egg yolk, it was a little better, but I decided to just mix in some of the whipped egg whites and carry on.  It looked like this after a little of the egg whites were added--


Okay, I decided to just carry on with that and folded in the rest of the egg whites.  And I made the little “buttons” as instructed, including the little dollop of Nutella in the middle of each.  The boys were going to like these!

Nutella Buttons ready to bake

I was excited to see that they baked up nicely and had hope everything would be okay even though I used an extra egg yolk.  While they were almost done baking, it hit me—THE BUTTER!!!  Sigh.  I was worried, but decided they looked good, so I kept my hope.

Nutella Buttons 2

I was even happy that the cake pulled away from the wrapper pretty well.  But all WAS lost—they tasted horrible and were super dry.

Nutella Buttons forgot the butter

I’m not one to just throw things out, I try to repurpose or make things into something else that would work, but these were just not good.  They ended up in file 13 after I took a little taste.  I wouldn’t even let my boys have to eat them.


What can I say?  You win some, you lose some.  This was just yesterday, so I didn’t have time to make them again, but I plan to sometime.  PLEASE, check out others in the group for Tuesdays With Dorie—Baking Chez Moi, much more successful, and I’m sure tasty, Nutella Buttons.


Zosia said...

That is too sad! And they looked perfect after baking! I left out the sugar once trying to make self-frosted nutella cupcakes - they had the consistency of a biscuit and were inedible (you know they're bad when even nutella can't save them!)

Anonymous said...

Ha! So something I would do! Sorry this didn't work out for you-they certainly look good for not tasting ok.

Nana said...

That is so frustrating and they look good too.
Sorry it didn't work but there is always next time.

Approaching Food said...

They look sooo perfect! Too bad they weren't tasty. I'm sure the boys will be happy to taste test the next batch!

steph- whisk/spoon said...

oh so sad! and they really did look so nice and beautifully domed.

Cathleen | My Culinary Mission said...

At least you hadn't frosted them! I made a chocolate ganache and had fun with the piping. I did not try them till after frosting. Mine ended up in the trash as well. Did not even let my husband take them to work. I do have a reputation to protect after all. ;)