Saturday, December 14, 2013

Raspberry Hot Cereal with Driscoll Raspberries

Raspberry Hot Cereal, Gluten Free
So the wonderful folks at Driscoll's sent me some more coupons for berries.  Happy Dance!  Thanks, Driscoll’s.  They didn’t ask me to do a post or anything, I’m just doing it because I wanted to tell you about my favorite breakfast as of late.  I was having smoothies everyday, but it’s just been too cold and I don’t want smoothies right now.  Since deciding to eat gluten free, I found some Gluten Free Hot Cereal that I’ve been using for my morning breakfasts. 
I don’t really have an exact recipe, but this is so delicious, you could try it with oats, too.  In fact, I usually do a couple tablespoons of the dry hot cereal and a couple tablespoons of gluten free quick oats.  I put them in a small saucepan with some almond milk.  Of course, you could use any milk or even water, but I definitely prefer my hot cereal made with milk.  I add a pinch of salt and then I add some washed raspberries, probably about half a cup.  Let it all start cooking away over medium-low heat.
Raspberries in Hot Cereal
Stir it a bit.  The raspberries will start to break down (ha, I almost typed break dance!).  Stir occasionally and if it starts to bubble and boil too much, turn the heat down.
Raspberry Hot Cereal
It needs to cook for a good 5-10 minutes.  When the milk is all absorbed into the cereal, it will be ready.
Ready to eat Raspberry Hot Cereal
Doesn’t that look good?  That would be fine as is, but I can’t ever seem to leave certain things out of my food—like chocolate and peanut butter.  After putting the hot cereal into a bowl, I always sprinkle it with some Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips and add a spoonful of natural peanut butter.  While eating this wonderful warm breakfast, I swirl the peanut butter and chocolate around so there is some of the melty deliciousness in each bite.  Looks so decadent—but it’s actually pretty darn healthy!  Try it.  And as your momma always told you not to, go ahead—play with your food!   What’s your favorite thing to add to hot cereal/oatmeal? 
Raspberry Hot Cereal with Chocolate Chips and Peanut Butter
I had been also drizzling the cereal with a little agave nectar, sometimes honey or you could even do some maple syrup, but lately I’ve not been adding any of those and I still think the cereal is sweet enough without any of those.  Speaking of this delicious raspberry hot cereal breakfast, it’s that time right now.  And I know just what I’m going to make!


safire said...

Thanks for sharing! This looks yummy and healthy. I love the combination of flavors you used.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Emily said...

Your breakfast sounds pretty amazing! I want it to be my breakfast. I love fresh raspberries!

vanillasugarblog said...

I think I think I should take stock in Driscoll with all the berries I eat!
I never do grains much anymore; if I do it's 12 grain bread 1 slice with pb.
I just love having protein instead.
Of course on the weekend, pizza rules. LOL

Peabody said...

I love the idea of cooking the fruit right into the cereal.