Saturday, September 07, 2013

Chess Board Game Rice Krispies Treat “Cake”—Happy Birthday, Parker!

Chess Game Cake (Rice Krispies Treats) 9-6-13

Here’s the “cake” I made for Parker’s 12th birthday yesterday.  It is actually Rice Krispies Treats.  Pretty much out of nowhere, Parker announced he wanted a chess board game cake.  I don’t think he’s even played the game much in his life.  I really wasn’t even going to try to do this.  Part of the reason is because I didn’t want to slave away making a cake when no one here really likes cake.  Then as I thought about it more, I decided to just go for it.  I’ve NEVER made or worked with fondant before.  (What was I thinking?)

I got on Amazon and ordered the chess pieces candy molds.  Parker sort of helped me make those.  It took three hours to make all the pieces.  As if you couldn’t tell, they are made in halves, then “glued” together with melted chocolate.  They are actually quite easy, but time consuming.  Mostly because there are a total of 16 pawns and we had two molds.  Each one had to set in the fridge for 10 minutes.  It was a melty mess, but we got it done the day before his birthday.

Chocolate Chess Pieces 9-5-13 Yesterday, Parker’s birthday, while kids were at school, I made the “cake”.  After thinking how much I didn’t want to make cake and worry about it sinking and trying to cover it with fondant, I got the bright idea to make the cake out of Rice Krispies Treats.  Perfect.  Parker likes those.  Everyone does.  Love how easy it is to make Rice Krispies Treats!  Fondant—also really easy to make.

I used this recipes for Homemade Marshmallow Fondant found on  My blogging friend, Liz, does all the candy posts for them.  I knew it would be a good recipe, since it was from Liz.  Fondant really couldn’t be easier to make—it only has three ingredients and that’s if you count the water as one of them.  You melt marshmallows with a little water, then you add powdered sugar and stir until you can’t stir anymore, at which point you put it on a powder sugar covered counter and knead it until it is just right.  I didn’t taste it, but word is homemade tastes much better than the premade stuff.  I did taste some fondant on a baby shower cake years ago and did not care for it.  I made two batches of it and now have a lot leftover.  I wanted to make sure it was enough to cover a 12x12 inch surface.  I forgot to take pictures of the fondant alone, but go check out Liz’s post on  You’ll never have to buy the expensive, premade kind again.  Though I did buy a package of brown, chocolate fondant for the squares on the checker board and I now have more than half of it left.  I see more fondant covered treats in our future.  Any ideas?

I had the treats cake ready to cover, rolled out the fondant, kept making sure it wasn’t stuck to the counter (with enough sugar, but it’s not too much, it was totally doable) then carefully lifted it on to the cake.  That all went pretty smoothly.  Then I set out to make 32 chocolate squares.  I decided not to also make white ones and just checkered the brown ones over the board.  A little time consuming and making sure to cut them precisely each 1  1/2 inches, but I got it done.  Here they are just laying on the cake and are ready to “glue” on, which I did by just brushing each with a little water on the bottom.

Chess Board Cake (Krispies Treats) Ready to Assemble

No, it was not perfect and exact in the end.  The corners were not squared and a few were cut to fit the edges a bit, but all in all I was happy with how it turned out and even more importantly, Parker was happy, too!

Chess Game Cake (Fondant Covered Rice Krispies Treats) 9-6-13

Yes, I was schooled on the queen in the wrong place after I took pictures.  I now know she is always supposed to be on her own color.  Who knew?  I don’t know the slightest thing about chess.  But can now say I’ve made my first fondant covered cake and I’ve made a chess board game!  I have a new found love, admiration and appreciation for fondant cake decorators!  I have no patience and love for that much detail.  The “cake” took about 5 hours.  Eight hours for a cake is just not my thing.  Amazing to think of all the huge, wondrous, shaped cakes that are made on Food Network cake challenges and in bakeries all over the world!

Parker was a happy birthday kid!

Parker's 12th Birthday

We opened family gifts before his friends came to spend the night.  This lucky kids got a Batman fedora he wanted, a wooden sword with a video that teaches you how to use a sword, he got tons of candy and all wrapped individually he received a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, $1, $5, $10, $20, $50—$86.41!

Parker and his sword

Parker and his friends played game after game of chess.


Mmm, the fingers that were all over those chocolate chess pieces…..


After Parker sliced the first piece of cake, he decided to stab the knife into it.  Sure is much easier to cut and serve this kind of cake—and no forks are even needed for eating it!

Cutting the Chess Board Game Rice Krispies Treat Cake

Happy Birthday, Parker! 9-6-13

Everyone ate the treats and all, including the fondant.

Sliced Chess Game Board Rice Krispies Treat Cake

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chow and chatter said...

how cool :-) love this post made me smile

Veronica Miller said...

You rocked that chess board "cake" Katrina! What a mom!

Cathleen said...

This is the most awesome cake I have ever seen. Mind if I steal this idea sometime? I LOVE this!

Cindy said...

Wow--very impressive. He must have been one happy birthday boy!

Natalie said...

wow! this is so stinking impressive! what a lucky bday boy!

Nancy @ gottagetbaked said...

Happy belated birthday to Parker! I love the huge smile on his face with his slice of "cake". Katrina, you've gone above and beyond. This looks amazing! My mouth dropped open when I first saw your photos. I've never worked with fondant before (can't stand eating the stuff but it certainly looks fabulous on cakes).

Elizabeth - said...

I am hopelessly behind on my blog reading and realized I never commented on this! The cake turned out so awesome!! For the next cake I think you should sculpt it into a bust of Beethoven. :)

Tamara Wells said...

Wow. Just one word for them Splendid!! I have seen many sites in my whole life but have never seen anything like this! It is amazingly beautiful! Magnus Carlsen vs Ian Nepomniachtchi You should also consider them.