Monday, September 02, 2013

Saucepan M&M Cookies

Saucepan M&M Cookies

Just thought I’d share these perfect M&M Cookies I made today to take to a family BBQ.

I won’t be eating them because of the new changes in my diet, but they look like a perfect cookie full of chocolate and candies.  I probably should have doubled the recipe.  I have a feeling I’ll be asked to make them again soon.  The boys are going crazy that I won’t let them have one until tonight.  So sad. ;)

These couldn’t have been easier to make either.  Got the recipe from the cookie expert herself, Anna, at Cookie Madness.  I followed her recipe exactly.  So check out the link to her blog for the recipe.  I suppose I did make a couple small changes, I used semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of the dark chocolate chips she used and regular plain M&M’s instead of the mini ones Anna used.  I also called my cookies done at 11 minutes, her recipe says 12-15. 

Anna got the original recipe for these cookies in the book, The Weekend Baker:  Irresistible Recipes, Simple Techniques, and Stress Free Strategies for Busy People by Abigail Johnson Dodge.

Saucepan M&M Cookies

Since I’ve been making healthier treats lately with unrefined sugar, it was fun to whip these up.  I sure like baking!  I also had some overripe bananas, so I made a banana sheet cake frosted with cream cheese frosting.  Sigh….some things I really miss…..I suppose it’s all for better health—right!  (I’ve been enjoying plenty of refined sugar free, gluten free treats anyway, I might have also whipped up some more of the Gluten Free Chocolate Zucchini Brownies today, too.

Saucepan M&M Cookies

You know how sometimes it’s kind of a pain to get out the mixer and have to cream everything together?  These are so simple and all made in one saucepan after melting the butter.  Easy!  Here’s the link for the recipe again at Cookie Madness.


Veronica Miller said...

So proud of you for sticking to your healthier diet! The cookies are perfection and even prettier than the ones on the blog you got them from. Katerina, baker extraordinaire!

Cindy said...

These look delicious Katrina and how did I not know about Cookie Madness!

Mostly Food and Crafts said...

ooh and yum! heading over to check out the recipe now. Thanks so much for linking up to Friday Food Frenzy!

Nutmeg Nanny said...

These look incredible, I dont know if I could resist them ;)