Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Whole Wheat Loaves—Tuedays With Dorie—Baking With Julia

TWD--Whole Wheat Loaves 9-9-12

Fresh from the oven, Baking With Julia—Whole Wheat Loaves

We made bread for Tuesdays With Dorie this week.  The bread recipe was simple (the mixer did all the kneading), and it rose up nicely.  It tasted great, too! 

Whole Wheat Loaves 9-9-12

Can I tell you, I am lucky to be able to record old Baking With Julia shows on PBS every Saturday.  And one of the things I love most of all is Julia’s cute little snort-laugh in almost all the episodes.  If you are able to catch any of the episodes, look for her laugh.  Makes my day!

Whole Wheat Loaves

What is a gal to do with two loaves of fresh bread?  Give one to a neighbor who is having a birthday.  Worked perfectly this time. 

TWD--Whole Wheat Loaves 9-9-12

Told you it rose nicely.  Baked it for exactly 35 minutes. 

The bread was easy to slice with a perfectly crisp outside and soft inside. 

Whole Wheat Bread Slice

Here’s where someone will need to help Kayte at Grandma's Kitchen Table sit down, she might pass out when she hears that I didn’t do anything with chocolate for this one.  I know, I could have at least spread some Nutella on a slice or something.  You’ll never know, maybe I did and just didn’t photograph it. ;)    I’ll never tell.

Whole Wheat Bread Slice with butter


Whole Wheat Bread Slice with butter and jam

Raspberry jam—check.

Everyone liked the bread around here.  I have a question or just a little something that I don’t’ get—why can some bread be called whole wheat when it doesn’t only have whole wheat in it?  This bread has about half whole wheat and half bread flour.  So in my book, it’s not really whole wheat bread.  This bread is whole wheat.  100% whole wheat, I guess that’s how some recipes get away with just calling them whole wheat is by not saying 100%.  Just a little beef, I’ll get over it. 

This is a great bread, not too whole-wheatty for those who don’t want that much fiber in their diets.  My only other issue with it was by rolling up the flattened out dough, it left big air holes through the loaf.  I did just what the recipe said to do.  Hmm.  Oh well.

Holey Whole Wheat Bread Slice

Want the recipe?  Teresa from The Family That Bakes Together and Michele from Veggie Num Nums are the hosts this week and will have the recipe on their blogs. 


Veronica Miller said...

Your loaves are beautiful! I don't know what causes the big holes like that but I've had it happen when rolling up cinnamon raisin bread. Maybe it wasn't tight enough? Hopefully someone else has the answer. I also don't understand why bread that isn't 100% whole wheat is called whole wheat sometimes instead of just wheat. Whatevs!

sue @ Cakeballs, cookies and more said...

I think they turned out great, holes and all;p

Anonymous said...

Your bread looks great! I loved this recipe -- so easy, and yet so good.

Paula @ Vintage Kitchen said...

They turned out great, even with the hole. Lucky neighbour!

Teresa said...

I think the holes happen when there's not enough stickiness between the layers, but it's not that big a deal - your loaves are lovely.

smarkies said...

They turned out great - hole and all!

Sweet and That's it said...

What a wonderful bread you made. Sometimes I have holes, too, sometimes not. That's homemade! It doesn't need to be perfect, delicious is enough!

This is my favourite recipe from the book so far. Such a versatile bread is a dream!
We had it toasted and not-toasted with butter and honey or butter and jam, we use it for sandwiches or anytime we like to eat bread.

loavesandstitches said...

I get holes like that sometimes. The bread still tastes great. Your loaves are beautiful.

Karen said...

love how yours browned all over. Mine just browned on top!

Flourchild said...

Nothing better then the smell of warm bread baking! This recipe is a keeper. Your bread looks tasty!

Cher Rockwell said...

I am watching Julia & Jacques cooking together right now. It totally cracked me up when she told Jacques Pepin that he had an "abestos mouth". :-)
Lovely bread. (and Nutella - totally acceptable...)

Catherine said...

The color of your bread is so lovely! Speaking of lovely ... the pictures of the boys make me homesick for mine. They are 34 and 35 years old, but still little in my mind :) Thanks for sharing! Catherine www.praycookblog.com

Marilyn said...

I gave a loaf away too! It's nice to be able to share this since bread is something many of us eat every day yet rarely make by hand now.

Inge and Gillian said...

Great post. Nice looking bread. In the past, while still baking with gluten, we sometimes encountered problems with 'airholes' when using the technique called for in this recipe. It just makes them that much more unique.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! your bread looks so great I think I can smell it baking!!
mary x

Jersey Girl Cooks said...

This is some good looking bread and the piece with the butter is calling my name.

Cindy said...

This was a fun recipe--I'll make it again.