Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Grapeseed Oil Brownies—From Cookie Madness, a Dark, Dense Brownie and Fairly Low in Fat

Anna's Grapeseed Oil Brownies 9-24-12

Grapeseed Oil Brownies that should be called Dense, Dark Brownies That You Won’t Be Able To Stop Eating

My baking pal, Anna, at Cookie Madness, recently asked me if I wanted to try a brownie recipe she came up with that uses grapeseed oil.  Not only that, but there isn’t very much oil or butter in the brownies, but you really wouldn’t ever know that they are fairly low in fat.  These brownies have a deep chocolate flavor and are dense and perfectly brownie-like.  They aren’t too fudgy and they aren’t cakey.  I find it hard to explain what they are like.  I just think everyone should try them and see if they are your kind of brownie. 

I first tasted the brownies and thought, “Hmmm?”  Not sure what I thought.  Went back a bit later and tasted them again.  I kind of liked them better with the second taste.  And still again a little later, when the boys all decided to taste them, I had another bite or two and decided that I REALLY like them.  Instead of tasted gobs of butter/sugar, grainy chocolate, which often some brownies are like, you can just taste a deep, dense chocolate flavor with these.  They are good.  Try them!   Kevin liked them.  He thought they looked like they’d be cakey, was pleasantly surprised they are not, but they aren’t gooey, fudgy like some brownies.  They are just stand-out brownie kind of brownie.  While the boys were eating one, Scott said with his mouth stuffed full of his last bite, “How many can we have?”  We let him have a second one.

I followed Anna’s recipe exactly!  Here's the recipe at Cookie Madness.  Thanks, Anna!

Grapeseed Oil Brownies 2

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Sue @ Cakeballs, cookies and more said...

oh my they look so rich, I feel sort of sick just looking at them, (in a sick that I cannot have one right now sort of way) many they look deadly! Yum!