Monday, August 06, 2012

Chocolate Turtle Ice Cream—Secret Recipe Club

August SRC Turtle Ice Cream 7-25-12

Chocolate Turtle Ice Cream

Ahhhh, it’s August already!  Awww, it’s time for Secret Recipe Club!  Yippee for heavenly ice cream!

Bet no one will ever guess whose blog I have for Secret Recipe Club this month.  I’ll bet at least everyone in Group A will be able to guess!  If you can’t guess, maybe you’ve been living under a rock.  Or here’s a hint, maybe you’re a lunatic………………..well, that doesn’t sound very nice…….but since my secret blog this month is none other than Kim Bee of Cravings of a Lunatic, it’s probably okay to say.  Kim has such a fun blog.  I love her writing and I love her food!  Check out her "about me" page.  She is a barefoot-loving, picky eater who hates pickles and tomatoes and is lactose intolerant, but love ice cream.  She likes it so much that she has devoted her Sunday posts to Ice Cream Sundays (though I think she posts about ice cream more than just on Sunday). ;)  No matter, I don’t hardly know Kim, except for recently discovering her blog through the Secret Recipe Club, but we have a lot in common—especially our love for ice cream.  I was torn on which ice cream to make from her blog, but finally settled on her Turtle Ice Cream.  Oh, that’s another thing we have in common, I love turtles—the chocolate caramel pecan kind, not so much the animal. ;)  Kim has turtle popcorn, and no-bake turtle cheesecake, and turtle bark just to name a few. 

I have not made enough ice cream this summer, so this was a perfect excuse for me to do so.  I ended up making a few slight changes to the recipe, since she has cut up turtle candies in her ice cream and I didn’t have those, so I put pecans and drizzled melted chocolate in the ice cream and made Kim’s caramel sauce that is part of her turtle bark recipe, which is some good stuff!  The caramel went on top of the ice cream, since I knew some in my family would not like it IN the ice cream (crazy people!).

Homemade Caramel Sauce

I really like the chocolate ice cream recipe for how simple it is, with just cocoa powder, sugar and a mix of cream and milk.  I’ve made it twice.

Turtle Ice Cream August SRC 7-25-12Chocolate Turtle Ice Cream, adapted from Kim at Cravings of a Lunatic, by Katrina, Baking and Boys!

3/4 cup cocoa powder

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1/3 cup dark brown sugar (I’ve also used light brown as I’ve made the ice cream twice)

pinch of salt

1/2 cup 2% milk

1  1/2 cup half and half

1 cup heavy cream

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2  1/2 ounces toasted, cooled, chopped pecans

2 1/2 ounces milk chocolate, melted

In a medium sized saucepan, combine the cocoa powder, sugars, salt and 2% milk and 1/2 cup of half and half.  Stir with a whisk and let the mixture heat on medium until sugar dissolves, 2-5 minutes.   Remove from heat and add the mixture to a blender, as well as the cream and vanilla.  Blend for about 1 minute.  Refrigerate the mixture until it is cold, or put it in a bowl in an ice bath until cold. 

Churn in the bowl of an ice cream maker according to manufacturer’s instructions, 20-25 minutes.  Just before it is finished, add the pecans and drizzle in the melted chocolate in a fine stream.  Put the ice cream in an airtight container and freeze for a couple hours. 

Serve with caramel sauce and more chopped pecans (optional—just the nuts), the caramel is mandatory for turtle ice cream! ;)

Turtle Ice Cream in a cookie 7-25-12I had to do it.  I baked a chocolate chip cookie in a 4 ounce ramekin and put a little of the Chocolate Turtle Ice Cream and Caramel Sauce on top (and then I took a bite and gave the rest to Kevin and Scottie, sigh).  Dee-licious! 


Lisa Ernst said...

The first look was fantastic, had me ready to dive in. Then, when I scrolled down and saw the ice cream in a chocolate chip cookie cup, well, what could be more perfect?? After your sugar and fat free peach sorbet, this is a real contrast. :-)

Cookaholic Wife said...

Wow! I need to add this to my ice cream list right away. Easy and absolutely delicious looking!

Kim Bee said...

Can I squee right now? I must. I LOVE that you got my blog. I adore yours so this was a thrill. I also liked the way you described me, made me laugh. I am nothing if not a bag of mixed tricks. I swear my ibs would go away if I'd eat like a grown up for a little while. I love that you chose this one. I was scrolling through trying to guess who had mine then came across turtles and knew that was my match. I am so happy you liked it. And can I just saw you are a total genius for the cookie cup. Such a great idea. I love finding fun ways to add pizazz to recipes so this impressed me. Thanks for the sweet write up. xx

Amanda said...

OMG a cookie cup, with ICE CREAM! You rock my world, I am so making this!

Shumaila said...

Chocolate, caramel, pecan in my ice cream is the way I like it! This looks and sounds so good. I need to make this now.

astrid said...

this sounds so heavenly good!

Susie said...

Holy Moly...that looks amazing!

Lisa~~ said...

Oh my word, YUM!! And the picture of the ice cream in the cookie with the're killing me!

If you haven't already, I'd love for you to check out my SRC entry: Chicken Satay Noodle Salad.

Cook Lisa Cook

Barbara Bakes said...

The cookie bowl is just over the top delicious! Great pic for SRC!

Lisa said...

Now THAT is one awesome looking dessert. Why have one treat when you can have two?

Shelby said...

I KNEW you couldn't make ice cream without baking something too... lol. When I think of you I think of Ice Cream and Cookies! Looks delish Katrina!

Sue @ Cakeballs, cookies and more said...

oh yeah, that sounds good!

Lesa @Edesias Notebook said...

Great choice, Katrina! That ice cream looks amazing. And the cookie cup? Oh my. How on earth did you eat only one bite?

Megan said...

This is on the must make list. And I'm so impressed that you can take only a bite. No way!!! Ughhh, I wont count my bites. ;)

Veronica Miller said...

Well, I guess you got me back for the butt dimples b/c you just gave me a few while reading this! lol! Love that last pic of the ice cream on top of the deep dish cookie. Wowza. You have some serious self control to take just one bite of that. Go Kat!

Becca @ Crumbs and Chaos said...

This looks fabulous...putting it on top of the cookie sealed the deal for me! Amazing!