Tuesday, March 06, 2012

TWD—Baking With Julia—Rugelach

TWD--BWJ  Rugelach 3-5-12

Our Tuesdays With Dorie--Baking With Julia recipe this time is for a delightful cookie called Rugelach.  I loved these when we made them for Tuedays With Dorie BFMHTY way back in November 2008.  Todays recipe is a bit different from that rugelach, but is equally as good.

I did do a few things different from the recipe.  I can’t help it!  I made only 1/4 of the cream cheese pastry dough because I knew that Kevin doesn’t like this kind of cookie (like pie crust—which I love, too)!  Then as I read about the fillings and topping, I kind of decided to just do my own thing and I skipped topping the pastries with more sugar.  So here’s what I used—orange marmalade, the cinnamon/sugar mixture and some mini chocolate chips.  I just spread the marmalade on the rolled out dough, then sprinkled the cinnamon/sugar over that and added the chocolate.  I had no problems rolling up the dough.  And then I kind of cheated and instead of chilling the dough another 4 hours to overnight, I stuck it in the freezer while I preheated the oven.  After about 15-20 minutes, I cut the roll into slices and laid them flat on the baking sheet to bake them. 

They turned out really nice and taste great!  The ones in Dorie’s book look great as they are chock full of nuts and dried fruit and lots of cinnamon/sugar in them and more on the top.  I just felt a little lazy as I got ready to finish making them.  And I’m not disappointed at all. ;)

Check out the recipe and Jessica’s perfect looking rugelach on her blog, My Baking Heart.  She is hosting today along with Margaret from The Urban Hiker

I’m so happy to be taking this opportunity to bake from Baking With Julia along with the rest of the Tuesdays With Dorie groupies.  Can’t wait for more!



Iva said...

I did those two days ago!! They are fantastic!

Jersey Girl Cooks said...

The filling looks so good. And I definitely want to try the milk bar cookies.

Lisa Ernst said...

When I first took a glance I didn't see the chocolate chips. My first thought was, "I'd add chocolate chips to this recipe if I made it." Then of course I saw that you did! I've never made these before but it might be fun to try sometime.

Cristine said...


Sue @ Cakeballs, cookies and more said...

they sounds great, but next time make the whole batch and send some my way, I would be willing to eat some to help you out.

Megan said...

I made my cookies over a three day period. I almost ecided not to make them but I finally ecided to make a half batch and I'm so glad I did. They were terrific! I better get my post written now! ;)

Dawn said...

Yum! Love your originality!

Dawn said...
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Sweet and That's it said...

Love your "changes".
They look great!

Wendy (pinkstripes) said...

They look just as great without the sugar topping. Good to know they are just as tasty with out the nuts. I made 1/2 a recipe and took most to work were they were gobbled up. The ones I left at home, I had to eat because Paul thought there were too many nuts (which I loved) but he's not a nutty person. Well, he is. He just doesn't like too many nuts in his baked goods.

Cindy said...

I like your version Katrina. More pastry (yummy) less filling. Looks delicious.

Jill said...

They're so cute! You were smart to simplify the recipe - I got confused and made a mess. They were still tasty, though.

Unknown said...

Your rugelach look like perfect little cinnamon rolls! I loved Dorie's version too so apparently these need to be next on my to-do list :)

Melissa said...

Yours look great - I like the idea of not coating the outside with more sugar. They're pretty sweet to begin with.

Jodie said...

I only made a quarter of this, too. The recipe makes so much! I love chocolate in these, too.

Im At Home Baking said...

Yours look delicious!

smarkies said...

yours look absolutely picture perfect! it shows me it can be done. :)

Cher Rockwell said...

It looks like they came out nicely & that doing your own thing worked perfectly for you.

Jen said...

I think yours came out pretty perfect-looking as well! :)

SallyBR said...

Oh, I remember very well this recipe from Baking with Julia, I need to re-visit that book, it's been a long time since I cooked anything from it.

Great to "meet" your blog!

Lisa said...

Those look fantastic!

Lisa said...

Baking with Julia is my favorite baking cookbook, plus I have the series saved on my tivo. I have yet to try these rugelach because I still swear by mt grandmother's recipe, but what you did with them looks and sounds amazing!

Shelby said...

The first time I made Rugelach was with the TWD group! They look yummy!

Mom Foodie said...

Looks mighty yummy :D

Cookery Courses said...

Thanks for the recipe idea - that's Sunday morning with my daughters sorted!

Pamela said...

Very pretty! And hey...as long as you liked them and aren't disappointed, that's really all that matters.

happyzhangbo-loving food said...

These pinwheels look so good :-)

CindyD said...

Hi, Katrina, saw your comment on Cookie Madness and can't find your email... google Rainbow Cupcakes - Nicole at Baking Bites has some gorgeous ones.

Katrina said...

Thanks, CindyD. He doesn't want cupcakes, but layered rainbow cake specifically, which I'm not very good at. It'll be a fun challenge though! ;)

Chats the Comfy Cook said...

I love rugelach and yours are beauties. Bet they are delicious.

Baking Ribbons said...

Beautifully shaped rugelach!

Unknown said...

Your rugelach look like perfection! Wish I had followed your lead Katrina. I wasn't too fond of mine.

Unknown said...

Those rugelach look delicious. Especially the filling :)

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