Thursday, February 03, 2011

Flour Bakery (Joanne Chang) Chocolate Chip Cookies

I know what you’re thinking, “Didn’t Katrina just post some chocolate chip cookies?”  Why, yes, yes I did.  Those were different—they had Nutella Truffles inside them.  Dang, those are good.

But I’m here today to tell you about a famous bakery cookie and after making them, that is just what they are—a bakery cookie, just like you’d find at a bakery.  They’re good.   I love trying new, different chocolate chip cookie recipes. 

I looked these up after someone mentioned them on Anna’s blog, Cookie Madness.  I planned to make them the next day and before I knew it, Anna had made and posted them, too.  (I knew she would!—We cookie-people think alike.)  After seeing her cookies and Joanne’s herself, I knew I would make the cookies.  I made the dough one day, then refrigerated it until the next day.  (It is suggested in the recipe to chill the dough overnight, but it just says “for best results”.)  It worked out for me to not bake them until the next day.

Flour Bakery CCC's 1-31-11

Here is the Flour Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe, which I followed exactly.  The ingredient list doesn’t have vanilla, but in the instructions, it mentions adding the vanilla, so i used about 1 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla in the recipe.  Part of the reason I was sold on these is because they use bread flour (and all purpose flour).  My favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe (the NYT recipe) also uses bread flour, but cake flour as well. 

Joanne’s cookie has good semisweet chocolate as well as some milk chocolate.  The only milk chocolate I had at the time I was making these was a bar of Ghirardelli Luxe Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts, so that is what I used.  The cookies have a nice brown sugar flavor and are loaded with plenty of chocolate.  They did not take over position with my favorite chocolate chip cookies, but they are really good.  I like a thicker cookie and these were just a little bit flatter.  There is only baking soda, not powder in these, so that is probably why.  It is definitely not something that would make me not like these.  They are a great cookie.


If you like trying different chocolate chip cookie recipes, give these a try, I’m glad I did1


Emily said...

Mmm lovely. You know how much I love chocolate chip cookies!

Tia said...

i'm still on the fence about this book - i've tried a few recipes... they're ok so far... still gotta do more testing!

Lisa Ernst said...

I never tire of new CCC recipes. I also prefer a less flat, more fat CCC. These look good! BTW, I just bought some ramekins so I can try your truffle filled "molten lava" cookies soon. Can't wait. :-)

peachkins said...

This new recipe of choco chip sounds amazing!

Anne said...

These look great Katrina! I'm always looking for the best chocolate chip cookie and will have to try these!

Lisa said...

You and Anna are definitely in sync with each other. Now you've got my attention with these cookies. I'm going to have to go check out the recipe for them because they look too irresistible to pass up.

Natalie said...

what did you like better? these or the NYT cookies? i've been wanting to make both!

Amanda said...

Well they sure do look good sista. love the sound of that chocolate with the hazelnuts!

Anna said...

Hooray! Yours didn't come out flat. A few people commented about getting flat cookies, but further investigation revealed they were using really smooth, easy-melting type chocolate like Lindt. I think for these cookies Scharffen Berger or Green & Black work best...or another chocolate that's not smooth and high in cocoa fat.

Katrina said...

I used my usual Ghirardelli 60% cacao chips for the semisweet chocolate.

Tracey said...

These have been on my to-do list for a while and yours look great! I received Flour for Christmas & still haven't baked anything but the book is full of yummy recipes :)

Sanjeeta kk said...

Oh.. the cookies look so crisp and lovely with the chocolate chips peeping out from them!

Nutmeg Nanny said...

These look great! I love how much chocolate is packed in this little cookie...yum!

jillbert said...

These sound great, especially with the hazelnut chocolate!

jillbert said...

These sound great, especially with the hazelnut chocolate!

Kerstin said...

I just got the Flour cookbook and can't decide what to make first! These look fabulous :)

CaSaundraLeigh said...

I never turn down a chance to try out a new chocolate chip recipe! I love how there are always so many different unique twists--and I've never met a bad chocolate chip cookie yet! ;-)

Eliana said...

Looks like I have another chocolate chip cookie to try cuz these look amazing. My husband will be a happy camper cuz CCC are his favorite.

Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] said...

Ooh those cookies look delicious. I love a good CCC too!

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