Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TWD--Coconut Butter Thins

This week's recipe from Dorie Greenspan's Baking From My Home to Yours awesome baking book was chosen by Jayne of Barefoot Kitchen Witch.  She chose Coconut Butter Thins, found of page 145 of the book.  A great little shortbread-like, buttery (hence the name), coconut cookie with a hint of lime.   Dorie suggested using macadamia nuts in the cookie, but I decided not to pay for them and used almonds instead.


The dough was to rest in the fridge in a gallon size plastic bag, after it was rolled  to a 9x10 1/2-inch rectangle, 1/4 inch thick.  Turned out this method worked pretty perfectly, although I still wonder if just rolling it out between wax paper would also work just fine.  I decided to make these cookies for a baby shower that I was bringing some goodies to that evening and as I worked on some things that afternoon, I quickly made the dough and didn't realize it was supposed to be refrigerated for a few hours.  I needed them made right then.  Sigh.  So much for reading all through the recipe before starting.  Well, I set the dough in its plastic bag on a baking sheet and threw it in the freezer.  Went about my many other tasks and about 30 minutes later, I got the dough out, let it rest (it was quite frozen) for a short time, removed it from the bag, measured my 1  1/2 inch squares, cut it and set the cookies on the sheet and baked them.  I only baked them for 16 minutes and not Dorie's suggested 18-20 minutes.  The only thing I'm not sure of is what the cookies are supposed to look like as I haven't yet seen anyone else's.  Mine are not real thin, but they also aren't too thick.   I do know that however they are SUPPOSED to look, these taste great and that's really all that matters.  Right.




I actually thought as good as they tasted that they weren't that pretty on a plate for a baby shower.  So I dressed them up a bit.


A little white chocolate drizzle and some pink sprinkles (it's a girl!) never hurt anything!


These are good.  But they are the kind of cookie you have to put away or you'll find yourself just nibbling on one too many here and there and not realizing you just finished off 6-12 of them.  No--I didn't do that!  Seriously, I didn't!   But my son, Scott, did after I did this with the leftover scraps the next day.


Cute flower cookie cutter with a Hershey's Kiss on top while they were still just slightly warm.  That's not just any Hershey's Kiss though.   Have you seen these?


Coconut Creme Hershey's Kisses.  They are good.  Scott loved them on the lime induced Coconut Butter Thins.  I'm not kidding, he ate a good 98% of these. 

Thanks for the yummy cookie this week, Jayne.  You can get the recipe on her blog.  Be sure to check out the other TWDers' cookies at the Tuesday's With Dorie blog.


How cute is mah sleepin' bebe?


I go check on him at night before I go to bed.  A few nights ago he had his blanket wrapped up on his head.   It was too cute and I had to go grab the camera.  After the picture, I moved the blanket off his head.  Sam has been sick this week with a nasty cold and cough with fever.  Hope he's feeling better SOON!


Cathy said...

All versions of your cookies look delicious! So glad you liked them. Your baby is soooo adorable. Hope that he is feeling better soon!

farah said...

Your cookies look great. Mine all spread and i'm amazed at how yours look so perfect. Great job! By the way, your son is adorable :)

Welcome to our crazy blessed life said...

Your cookies look perfect! I wasn't great about measuring mine out...and took pictures at practically midnight.
Cute baby with his blankie. Mine just got diagnosed with pnemonia. Yuck! fever, cough, runny nose. grr. Hope your little one feels better!

Flourchild said...

I LOVE your kiss idea..I have never seen the coconut flavor..how cool is that. I love the look of your cookies, great job!

Teanna said...

Whaaaaaaaaaa!?!? Coconut cream Hershey's Kisses?! Where can I find those?! Your cookies look awesome!

Pamela said...

Poor Sammie! Christian is sick with the same exact symptoms! Can't wait until it's over. The cookies look perfect and I love how you razzle-dazzled 'em for the shower!

Cate said...

Love the drizzle and the pink sprinkles - they look great! And the baby, so cute!

Anonymous said...

There is NOTHING cuter than a sleeping babe. Glad you liked the cookies.

snicketmom said...

oooh, I have never seen those kisses. I have to get some, what a great idea! Your cookies look great!

Megan said...

I could tell Sam was sick before you even said anything by the color of his face. Hope he's better soon, too.

Love the pink sprinkles!

Jennifer said...

Your bebe is adorable! Such cute pink cheeks!

I liked these cookies a lot. Unfortunately, you are right, one can sit and eat a bunch without really realizing it. I guess if I ate that many chocolate chip cookies or brownies I'd notice it, but these are like the girl scout shortbread cookies, way too easy to overindulge.

Leslie said...

Wow, you rocked these cookies! And how cute is that baby? A baby pic makes everything better!

chocolatechic said...

I love the ones with the chocolate.

Your other ones look perfect.

Mermaid Sews said...

First of all - your baby is SO cute. Second, I LOVE how you dressed up the cookies for the shower, you made them look so pretty. Nicely done.

Jin Hooi said...

well done , your cookies look great !! If you think urs are thick, then have a look at mine .. haha .. they are real thick !! ;-))

Clumbsy Cookie said...

You're right they did look better with your special "it's a girl" touch! I like the flowers too! I would love this cookie I think. Hope Sam is felling better, that's a wonderful picture!

TeaLady said...

I love the cookies with the chocolate and pink sprinkles. To die for, girl. And yours all came out the same size. Guess cause I didn't actually measure mine.

Kimberly Johnson said...

Your baby is so precious! Your cookies look wonderful. Coconut kisses? Wow! They sound yummy!

Unknown said...

Great job on the variations! I've never seen those Hershey Kisses but they look delicious!

Jacque said...

Oh my goodness, those look wonderful. And the kisses? Genius!

I hope your sweet baby is feeling better.

Elyse said...

The ole blanket around the head move, eh? A classic! He's so precious. And your coconut thins are looking pretty darn precious, too. I love a nice buttery cookie every now and then, but you're right: I have to step away to keep myself from eating all that's in front of me. By the way, I'm so glad you showed us those new Hershey coconut cream kisses. I totally need to run out and get some! How delicious.

vibi said...

I love what you did with all those decorations... especially the flower-chocolate one!

Had I been invited (humpf!), that's the one I would have picked! (lol)

Very pretty, Katrina!

Nick said...

Mmm, those look good. It's all about the taste and those look like some delicious shortbread-esque cookies.

Carla said...

Whatever they are supposed to look like, they aren't supposed to look like mine! haha Love how you dressed them up with the drizzle.

I knew they made filled Hershey kisses but not coconut cream. How convenient.

Maria said...

I haven't seen those kisses, I must try them. The cookies look wonderful. Great last photo too!

Nancy/n.o.e said...

You took some mighty plain cookies and turned them into works of art! I'll bet they were a big hit at the baby shower.

Love the little ones when they're sleeping! Hope he feels better soon.

ps those cupcakes are fabulous looking - you've been busy.

Anonymous said...

your POM is in the mail! and i am loving that icing on those cookies! and your baby is too cute for words!

Jersey Girl Cooks said...

Nice cookies. I just bought some of the coconut kisses and can't wait to try them.

Jaime said...

wow i love the glaze and sprinkles!!

Joanna said...

beautiful decadence.

makin my mouth water and i practically just woke up!!! it's been a late start. haha

hershey's are geniuses. they think of the best fillings!!! my favorites are the peanut butter and the cherry. uhh so heavenly.

Jayne said...

Your baby is completely adorable! Almost made me forget that your post was about cookies! I like the drizzle and the pink sprinkles!

Lisa said...

Oh, wow...those look amazingly buttery and delicious! Great photos too, especially of that sleeping darling!

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