Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh So Much to Recap!

I may just not such too much here, but post lots of pictures.  Let's see how this goes.

I got to go home to be with my parents last week.  I left on Thursday the 12th.  Of course, just to complicate all the many things I had to do Wednesday night before I left, such as laundry, pack, laundry, have the house in order, laundry, feed the kids, laundry....about 6:30 that night, the boys came screaming up the stairs and saying Taylor split his head open and is bleeding all over!!  The little monkeys were jumping on the bed and one fell off and broke his head!  Upon inspection, Taylor did get a cut right above his eyebrow.  It wasn't very big, about half an inch and it really wasn't bleeding THAT much, but it was split just right and we thought he'd better be taken in for stitches.  LONG story short, I took Taylor to Prompt Care while Kevin skipped some meetings he had and stayed home with the other boys.  Taylor was a great little trooper and got two little stitches.  The doctor told him he was the best patient of the day. 


Of course, Taylor wouldn't let me take his picture.  He even said the reason why was because I would just put it on my blog.  Right!  Got him anyway.  ;)  

And the night I got back from my trip--got a nice picture of the eye!  Sneaky, Mom!!


I had a wonderful time on my little trip going home to Idaho and visiting my parents and seeing my nieces and nephew and their boys and a few of my friends.  Did I mention THANK YOU to my amazing husband for letting me go home?  I did lots of baking at my parents' house--surprise!  ; )

My mom, my nieces Saharra and Kayla and my nephew's girlfriend, Kelly and I had a girl's night out and ate at a little place called Brick 29 Bistro.  Oh my goodness, my favorite food ever!  I had this dish once before when I was home about two years ago, but it was even better this time.  It is a butternut squash ravioli that is swimming in an amazing cream sauce with spinach and warm grape tomatoes on the top and sliced almonds and capers.  Just saying that, it sounds strange, but this is my idea of food heaven.  I LOVE it.  Someone find me that recipe!  : )  I was so happy to only eat about half of it and have more the next day!  We also ordered an appetizer of hummus with warm, soft, fresh pita bread.  YUM!!!   I know that I don't even want to know what the nutrition information in that ravioli dish is.  There are only 5-6 ravioli in the dish, but it's because they are huge.    We played games back at Mom and Dad's that night.  It was fun.  I love those girls!  I made a new Levain copycat version of these NYC cookies that I love for everyone to try.  I found this recipe at Lisa Michele's blog.  I used her recipe (halving it), but didn't have dark brown sugar, so I just used all light brown sugar.  LOVE this cookie.  Could I have been in more of a food heaven in one night?  I don't think so.  I made a half batch of the cookies three times while I was home.  No pictures, but lots of sharing!

I didn't get pictures taken of everyone like I had planned and wanted to, but here's a few of the pictures I did get.


My Mom and Dad!  Look at my momma's beautiful smile and teeth!


Bye Bye at the airport.


Saharra and Zane



Kayla--she wouldn't get up so I could take her picture.  Ha.


Probably one of my "oldest" friends, Stacey, and her daughter, Emily.  And ha to you Stac--old!  You are the big 40 now and all!  ; )


That's a little bit about my trip and stay tuned for my baby's birthday--Sam turned two the day I got back, on Monday the 16th.  But it's super late and I need sleep.     


Elyse said...

Looks like such a wonderful trip! Hope Taylor's eye is doing well. Your pictures are just wonderful!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad to hear you had a great trip. It's so nice to see family and reconnect with old friends!

I must make the Levian cookies. I haven't tried a single copy cat of those yet!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous family you have! Love the photos! And I love the fact that Taylor wouldn't let you take his picture because you'd "put it on your blog"! Ah, the life of a blogger. Hysterical!

Anonymous said...

Bummer about the eye poor guy. But it sounds like a great time was had.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Welcome back Katrina! Glag you had a wonderful time visiting family! You look just like your mom! I bet the kids were sooo happy to see you!

Randi said...

My neice Emily turned 4 on
March 16th too!!