Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Saltine Toffee Crunch and Bye-Bye Sammie's Hair

Saw these Saltine Toffee Crunch cookie/candy treats floating around the blog world a few times and liked that they are SO easy to make and everyone was raving about how DELICIOUS, so I decided to make them.

Let's just say, they don't nickname it "crack" for nothing.  It is addicting.  I promptly wrapped them up for giveaways!  A little shout out to a fellow blogger friend, Pamela at Cookies with Boys for her great write up and pictures of this crunchy, munchy, sugary concoction.  Go see hers on the link here, she's got some great photos of the "cookies" in the making. 


You can also find the recipe on Allrecipes.  It's so simple and quick, so here it is.

Saltine Toffee Crunch (that's my name for it, at Allrecipes, it's called Saltine Toffee Cookies)

4 oz. saltine crackers (1 and a half sleeves or so)

1 cup butter

1 cup dark brown sugar (light would work, too)

2 cups (1 pkg.) semi sweet chocolate chips

3/4 cup pecans, toasted and chopped

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Line a rimmed baking sheet with foil.  Lay crackers out on sheet in one layer.  In a medium sized saucepan, melt butter and bring to boil with the brown sugar.  Boil for 3 minutes.  Pour over crackers.  Bake for 5 minutes.  Sprinkle chocolate chips on hot, bubbly crackers.  Spread evenly when melted.   Top with nuts (or sprinkles, as I did on some!)  Break apart into pieces.


You know you want some.  ;)  Come closer, I'll show you....


You know that buttery toffee candy everyone makes for the holidays every year?  This tastes just like it, with a little bit more salty taste from the crackers, but it's much more simple to make because you don't have to sweat over a hot stove while the butter/sugar mixture comes to temperature.  I'm just saying, try it, you'll be an addict, too!  I'll sponsor you, if you'll sponsor me.  jk

Stay tuned for more cookies.



It's getting cut again, and while I dearly love his curls, there just sometimes when it's really, really "bad".  Not even this picture can show you what I mean.  And so, the appointment has been set.

And here he is doing his new favorite past time.  I was in the kitchen and looked over at him and just thought he couldn't be any cuter with his long scraggly hair, almost in his eyes.  I took some horrible pictures, but here's a few anyway.  (I need to learn how to take pictures correctly in our very sunny, bright dining room.)


He loves this play doh ice cream factory and is doing quite well not putting play doh in his mouth.  Now if I can just get him to stop throwing it!


Anonymous said...

I do want some....yum. I have to try it, I'm all about the saltine.

Sara said...

Cute little guy :). Your toffee crunch looks delicious!

Megan said...

I am NOT making that crunch - it looks waaaaaaay too good, and therefore must be avoided at all costs!

I remember having to get Alexander's hair cut when he was 9 months old. It was so long and I know what you mean about it being really bad. Try not to cry when it hits the floor!

Pamela said...

I will TOTALLY be your sponsor! LOL! It looks great decorated for Christmas, too.
Cute shots of Sammy. My boys are loving the play-doh, too!

The Peanut Butter Boy said...

Oh man, these look JUST like the cookies my great aunt used to make for us. They were out of this world...I need to see if we have her recipe somewhere, it's gotta be just like yours.

Becky said...

What a great memory jog. I had those when I was little and of course LOVED them! We shall be making them soon.

TeaLady said...

I have been making these for years and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. So easy. So good. So fun.

Cute kiddo. I miss mine being that small. (Sometimes....)

Darius T. Williams said...

I bet the saltine w/the sweet was really good.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

I had an ice cream play dough similar to that one! I loved it!!! And that saltine cracker, I've been meaning to try that for a while, I'm sure I'll be addicted, maybe that's why I haven't made them yet, lol!

Shelby said...

Yeah, I've been seeing this also. If I only had saltines here! If I get out today I will buy some because I am really wanting to try this!

Lisa magicsprinkles said...

Made these and gave you credit on my blog. Thanks so much for introducing me to these lovelies!