Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mint Chocolate Chip Truffles Molten Lava Cookies! Aahhhh, So Good!

Okay, I feel like I say this way too often, but oh my goodness--this is THE cookie (or at least right now).  I recently gave you these:  Molten Lava Chocolate Chip Cookies


I thought there could be nothing better and well, I LOVE these!  What a treat!  Then today, I tell you, I did it again and am in love all over again, for real this time.  Last time it was just puppy love, a crush, let's say.  But this, THIS time, it's forever, Baby!   ; )

Now, after taking some of the best cookie dough, that would be this one, which to me is just The Ultimate, I went with the no-chill option and put these little delights in with about a pound of regular semi-sweet chocolate chip.


I really wasn't expecting to like these as much as I do--make that--did.

I put a big gob of dough in the ramekin, then added two of these babies to the top (three would be good, too!):


Then, I covered them with more dough.  Oh! 

I baked the babies for 13 minutes (last time I did 15 minutes and decided I wanted them just a tad more gooey).

These Mint Truffle Kisses are really good.  But a warm, melty one--heaven.  The cookie "dessert" is just a wonderful, perfect HOLIDAY treat.  You could really bump them up with ice cream and such, but I just cut one open to see inside and ate a piece of it.  DELICIOUS!


*Small disclaimer--I know I don't have to mention this, but I'm going to.  Just for the pictures sake, I melted one truffle slightly and had it melt there in the center of the cookie before taking the picture.  When I cut in to it, it wasn't actually oozing out like that (that's why I think three truffles would be better than two), but with the mint chips, there's definitely enough mint flavor.  The cookie was just slightly warm.  If you served them more warm and fresh from the oven, the truffles inside would be a bit more melty than mine was for the picture.  And the cookie itself--perfect!  Just the right amount of doneness/under doneness!

That's all, for now.  But really--need there be more?  I think not.   I said I was "in love", but let's just call this a forbidden love, see I REALLY should NOT eat this.  I gave four of them to my friend for her birthday (baked six), told Kevin to eat this one and stuck another in the freezer.  I'm interested to see how well they freeze and thaw for another time.

Sweet dreams!


Deb said...

I am lucky enough to be the friend that gets to try this. Looking at those pictures makes me want to have one for breakfast. I will definitely savor every bite! Thanks for the yummy treat!

Jersey Girl Cooks said...

OOOOOh my! I just bought some mint choclate chips. What should I make?Hmmmm....

Your sugar cookies are adorable.

Traci @ The Bakery said...

HOLY COW!!! I just gained 20 lbs. by visiting your blog......

I want you for a friend!!! Do you live in Oklahoma by chance? :)

Great blog....thanks for sharing!!!

Unknown said...

Oh wow! That looks delicious! I bet it's wonderful. Mint is one of my favorite flavors this time of year.

andrewsrock said...

OKay, I am coming home to Lawrence just to try on of these!!! They sound so stinkin yummy!! You're an amazing baker!! I know I can alwsys count on you to have a good recipe.
I hope you guys are healthy and happy! we're alive. that's all I can say!!

Anonymous said...

Those look great! I'm telling my friend that you were able to buy the Hershey's Mint Chips. We cannot get there here. She has a recipe that she loves to use them in and she swears the Andes chips are not as good. I haven't used either kind so I can't say, but oh is she going to be jealous that you can get them and she can't.


Megan said...

Ok, that's just not right. It's right, but oh so wrong to be right.

Did I lose you yet? Excuse me while I wipe up the drool from the keyboard.

Maria said...

I am REALLY craving this dessert right now. It looks so delicious!! I can't wait to get some mint chips and go crazy!! I am not sharing either:)

Leslie said...

Ya know..I cant find any fun baking chips where I live.and its not like I live in the sticks or anything, I live in Tampa!
These look evil!!!!

Anonymous said...

you are a baking devil!!! haha you should not be trusted with a bag of hershey kisses in the kitchen.

this just looks too good to be true. i love the peanut butter filled hersheys and the cherry filled.

Katrina said...

I found the Hershey's mint chips at Walmart and today have found some Guittard Green Mint ones at our local grocery store. So far, Walmart is the only place with the Hershey's mint.
Thanks everyone. I'm having fun!

Darius T. Williams said...

You know what - this looks too freaking good for words right now.

Clark Family said...

Katrina, thanks again or last night! I can't look at your blog very long because it makes me drool! You make such wonderful is amazing! What a super talent!-Shayna

RecipeGirl said...

You really know how to put a dessert together... these look delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Katrina! There is a Wal-Mart here. My friend and her hubby are coming over for dinner tonight so I'll let her know to look there. The Guittard mint chips sound even better!!!! Their semi-sweet chocolate chips are my favorite chocolate chip.

alexandra's kitchen said...

oooooouuuu. you seriously kicked this up a notch. anything with mint and chocolate makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is just, I could use a bite!

Pamela said...

Katrina-Looks good!

As far as sending home made stuff to the soldiers...there are tips on the Operation Baking site for packaging home made stuff. Someone said that wrapping a little bit of apple peel in a napkin and putting it in the with the cookies helps keep them moist. I haven't tried it yet, though.

My packages have had really good arrival times, too. They've been getting there in about 5 days, but can take a little longer.

I haven't had any complaints. I know that they really appreciate the efforts of those who send stuff.

Have a great day!

Michelle said...

thanks for the comment on my blog. I just caught up on your "happenings" I can't believe how big your baby did that happen? And my oh my how all those goodies make me wish I lived near you:) I loved the post about the cuties, we love those at your house too. When I was scotties primary teacher I brought a cutie into class for an object lesson and I honestly thought he was going to jump out of his chair. He shared with me how you all love cuties. It was so darling! We miss Kansas oh so much! Keep baking and sharing your recipes. I am going to make that pepermint bark that you posted for Daves Grandma for christmas. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Oh my. That cookie looks ridiculously good. I am a sucker for anything mint and chocolate. yum.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Woman, evil woman!!! I have finally made it to your blog and here I am trying to catch up and this is what I find?! I think I need to eat this now!!!!!! I'm in love too I think!

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