Friday, August 22, 2008

So Many Things, So Little Time

If I could only post all the things I make in a timely manner, that would be great!  I'll try to just get one done here, as it's yet again getting late as I finally sit down for the day.  I'm tired!

So I had some fun this week playing around with the idea of brownies in a chocolate chip cookie.  I tried just mixing some of both batters together and while they tasted good, I didn't get the look I wanted.  Here are some where I had previously made these Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies and after making plenty just as the recipe was made, I stirred in some brownie batter to some of the cookie dough.  You can see ALL kinds of interesting oatmeal cookies on this blog called Oatmeal Cookie Blog


So I'd mixed in some brownie batter and this is how the cookies came out.  I didn't want so much of the "marble" effect, so I came up with an idea.


I made Brownie Chips with brownie batter (I used the recipe I linked in a previous post for Anna's One Bowl Cocoa Brownies) in a piping bag, then I froze the chips.  I then mixed them in another chocolate chip cookie dough.  This time I used one of the recipes I really love for chocolate chip cookies, Elinor Klivan's Chock Full of Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe, which I also have previously posted.  Keep checking back as I'm trying to tag my goodies in to categories so you can easily find a recipe you're looking for!  While this chocolate chip cookie dough has 4 cups of chocolate chips in them, I did not put that many in this time as I was trying to make the brownies the key.

The frozen Brownie Chips 


Carefully folding them in, they thaw quickly!


I also decided to add some walnuts to these as I think walnuts are great in both brownies and chocolate chip cookies!

They baked up great, crisp and chewy and looked a lot how I was wanting them to. 


And look at this strange beauty.


It came out in the shape of a heart and with a perfect, strange little hole in it.  I let Kevin eat this one because he has my heart.  (Awwe, sweet!)

I wasn't quite done with the whole Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookies craze.  But after this, I promise I'll move on!  Yesterday I made up a quick batch of, well, none other than the Copycat Levain Bakery Cookies (the ones with yeast).  I wanted to try a cookie that was thick with the brownie in it.  These turned out just as I had envisioned and tasted great!  I made them small (each about 1 1/8 oz.) and am calling them Little Levain Cow Brownie Cookies because I thought they look like cows!  I actually used some baked brownies (I baked an 8x8 pan from the same batch I'd made where I'd froze some brownie chips) rolled into balls for these and they stayed moist and worked well. 



Yummy Fun!

And on a bit healthier note, tonight I made pizza for dinner.  What?  Healthy?  I bought some premade whole wheat pizza crust, name brand Mama Mary's.  They are next to the Boboli Crust in the supermarket.  I actually didn't even know they existed and was happy to see the whole wheat when I went to buy the Boboli crusts.  So I made the kids their plain old pepperoni pizza with a regular crust and was excited to make this one for Kevin and I.

Barbeque Chicken Pizza


Thin crust, which is my favorite with barbeque sauce for the sauce.  I cooked up two chicken breasts and then cut them into small pieces.  I used fresh mozzarella cheese, pineapple, a bit of corn sprinkled on the top and a pinch or two of dried oregano and after it baked I threw on some fresh basil.  This was SO good.  I really piled the chicken on.  I had two pieces. 

I'm still trying to get to posting another recipe I made a couple days ago for dinner that I thought was really yummy.  In fact, my boys actually gobbled it up--and it had spinach and broccoli in it.  What?  Stay tune for that and a "smorgasbord" cookie I made up today.  I need my weary head to be in bed. 


Clumbsy Cookie said...

WET KEYBOARD ALERT! Katrina you're my hero! How can you make all those things with 4 boys running arround? That opened cow levain did it for me! Love the name, lol! I miss levains, must make them soon! And what to say about the brownie chips? We should start selling chips, me cookie chips, you brownie chips, we'll get rich girl!

Judy said...

I love the brownie chips! What a great idea. And the little Levains look wonderful. I wouldn't be able to exercise any self-control if I made them though. I'm having a hard enough time with my zucchini brownie cupcakes that I just made. I only made a half batch (6 cupcakes, 12 minis), but think I better give the rest away. Low fat/whole wheat is still fattening. And I am getting ready for a peanut butter cookie throwdown very soon. Need to lose more weight first.

Oatmeal Cookie Guy said...

Brownie Chips? Pure GENIUS!!! What a cool idea. :-)

Jaime said...

brownie chips?! what a cool idea!