Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Couple of Overdue Thanks for Some Blog Awards!

I've been meaning to thank some people for some blog awards I've received recently so here goes--

First of all, thanks to Pamela from Cookies with Boys for the Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 Award.  It's fun to see others out there who are a lot like me--they have a love for baking and are raising boys!  Check out Pamela's blog for some great, tasty looking recipes.


Next I wanted to thank an amazing baker, Rita at Clumbsy Cookie for the Yum-Yum Blog Award.  That was so nice of you, Rita.  Your blog is so fun and a total inspiration to me.  (If you'll remember her amazing Cookie Chips Chocolates that I had to make as soon as I saw hers, you'll see why I think she's so great!)


And most recently I received The Smile Award from Lisa at Jersey Girl Cooks.  Thanks a bunch--that made me smile! ;)

Lisa's blog is one I am sure to check on daily for her great ideas and recipes and I enjoy her writing and stories that she shares along with them.


Thanks a bunch, Ladies, it's so fun to be involved in this food/baking/cooking blog world!

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Anne Marie said...

Way to go! I give you "the blog most likely to make me drool" award. You do a great job posting pics and tasty recipes.