Sunday, April 06, 2008

SOCCER, finally!

Parker has been asking since he was in preschool (his first of three years of it) if he could play soccer because another kid he knew was.  Well, somehow we just kept putting off signing him up and also thinking we wanted him to be a bit older to play.  We finally got him signed up for Spring season and Scottie as well.  Last Tuesday, which was April fool's day, Parker had his first practice.  The night before he was making a huge deal out of thinking he needed to come up with some kind of really fun April food's joke for each of us and kept asking me what he could do.  I didn't really have any ideas for him, but I had a good one of my own.  That morning, I acted like I was reading an email, which is how the parents of his soccer team and coach have been corresponding, and as Parker came in the room, I said, "Oh, no, Parker I just got an email from your coach and it says they are going to have to cancel soccer because there aren't enough players to make teams to play against each other."  I acted very sympathetic as Parker flopped on to the couch and in a very upset tone said, "No way, that's not fair."  In perfect timing, Scott came up from downstairs and Kevin came in the room, both to ask what was wrong with Parker.  I had previously told Kevin of my plan to spoof the boys, so he played along.  After telling Scott that soccer was going to be canceled, I didn't wait too long to let them in on my April Fools.  Just before Parker was about to really lose it.  GOT HIM!  He was actually pretty excited that he'd gotten fooled.   Even moreso, he was very happy that he was really going to get to play soccer.

Scott and Parker both had their first games on Saturday.  Parker's game was at 8 a.m. and although it was still a bit cold out, we all managed to get there and enjoyed watching his team play.  Here's a few pictures.

DSCF5951  DSCF5961


Parker's team tried hard and had a lot of fun.  I think this was the first time any of his teammates had ever played soccer.  They played three on three and Parker's team was the blue shirts (even though we mistakenly had him wear a red jacket), the other team was the red shirts.  You'd have thought the red team had been playing for years.  They were really good.  Parker was just happy to FINALLY get to play soccer.  For Parker's age group, they don't really keep score.

Scott's game wasn't until 1:15 p.m. and it was much warmer outside by then.  Even in the two practices he's had before his game, his coach was impressed with his playing (Scott has also never played before).  For his age group, they played five on five and Scott really got out there and went for the ball, took a few falls for it and even scored the first goal for his team.  Go Scott!  His team won their game.  In fact, you could tell the other team hadn't really played much and pretty much were fighting it down at Scott's team's goal most of the game.  But it's not all about winning, right!  Seriously though, both Scott and Parker really liked it and I'm glad we finally got them signed up to play.  They each ended up on teams with some friends from school, too.

DSCF6028 DSCF6003


This is Scott and his friend, Andrew Solcher. 

We'll be watching a lot more soccer in the coming weeks.  So glad it's springtime!  It's fun to see all the neighbor kids emerge from their homes and all playing outside together.  I can't decide which I like better, spring or autumn?  Right now--SPRING!

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