Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Little Hot Wheelin'

This morning as Scott and Parker headed to school, Taylor sadly said, "Now who can I play with?"  I told him there was always me and he said, "you're no fun, you never play with me."  Now isn't that a blow!  I think I provide things for him to do a lot, but he was probably right, I don't actually get down on the floor and "play" like I used to.  So, although I had plenty to do, I decided to play with him and he wanted to play with cars.  Now a few months ago as I've been trying to clean up the way-too-many toys in our house, I boxed up the seemingly hundreds of Hot Wheels that we have, because none of the boys were playing with them anymore.   I'm really trying to dejunk all the "stuff" that seems to be everywhere. 

Recently the boys have all the sudden gotten in to playing with cars again and could only find a few (that I'd missed cleaning up).  They asked me where they all were and wanted to play with them.  I was hesitant to get them out again, but since that is what Taylor decided he wanted to play, I got out the big box and we started going through them.  Taylor wanted to find all the police cars.  Then we started sorting them by color and wondering which color there was the most of.  Looks like BLUE may have just taken RED. (I counted.) 

This was not easy to do as Sam needed to be right in the middle of it all.  We put Sam in his high chair and quickly finished sorting the cars so we could get a quick picture.  Here's Taylor and all the cars and Sam NOT HAPPY to be locked up!  Hopefully Taylor doesn't think I'm so NO FUN, at least ALL the time!

DSCF5885 DSCF5886


familywithfivekids said...

I love the picture of Taylor and all those cars! So cute!

Max and Deborah said...

Hey sorting cars isnt playing... you've got to drive them everywhere. Where is the race track? I am glad to see that you are getting into the play mode. I too am guilty of providing but not playing. Very cute pics.