Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Crispy Topped Brown Sugar Bars—Baking Chez Moi—Tuesdays With Dorie

TWD-BCM Crispy Topped Brown Sugar Bars

I missed the last TWD post.  It was two weeks ago.  I actually just forgot about it until late the day it should have been posted.  Good thing we have a rewind week next week—I plan to make up the lemon madeleines I missed.  Dare I try to make them gluten free?

Anyway, today we get to tell you about the Crispy Topped Brown Sugar Bars in Baking Chez Moi (pages 324-325).  These were a fun, simple treat to make for my family.  First off all, they are topped with some caramelized Rice Krispies cereal.  While I think I made them just a tad crispy, I still think those are really fun.  Dorie mentioned they would be great as a crisp topping for ice cream and I agree.  They couldn’t be easier to make.  Put some sugar in a skillet, let it begin to color, add the cereal, stir it until the cereal is all coated in the caramelizing sugar and let it cook another minute or two.  Spread it on a sheet to cool.

Caramelized Rice Krispies 

I love that for these bars, she talked about a lot of different toppings you could use, including granola, coconut, caramel popcorn, nuts, endless options.  I might need to play with this recipe some more.

The boys mentioned that even the cookie layer on the bottom was a bit crispy, so I will just make sure to not bake them quite as much next time (I only baked them for 16 minutes when the recipe suggested 22).  I used milk chocolate just to please the boys, but would love to make these with a bittersweet chocolate as Dorie suggested. 

Crispy Topped Brown Sugar Bars 2

Chocolate is spread on the hot-out-of-the-oven bars and it melts pretty quickly and is spread evenly.  Then the Krispies are added and pressed into the top.  Cool and cut into squares.  Love trying new recipes!

Crispy Topped Brown Sugar Bars 


Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake said...

Good call on underbaking the crust---your bars look perfect, Katrina!!!

megan said...

Now those look good - although I think I used up all the rice krispies to make cookies.

Anyway, I HAVE the book but have only baked one thing from it so far...... You're inspiring me to get it out of the spare room and take another look...

Zosia said...

Your bars look great, and the topping, which I thought was the best part of the bar, looks beautifully caramelized.

JMS~JOY in the arts! said...

Where exactly is the recipe please? Thank you.

JMS~JOY in the arts! said...

JMS~JOY in the arts! said...

Where exactly is the recipe please? Thank you.

March 25, 2015 1:56 AM

Valerie said...

Oh, yum! That topping looks like crunchy goodness!

Approaching Food said...

Your squares look delicious! What did the boys think of them?