Friday, June 27, 2014

Lucky Leaf Peach Cake

Lucky Leaf Peaches Cake

Today I’ve got another cake for you.  Lucky Leaf Premium Pie Filling sent me a package recently, including more of their delicious pie fillings, some great recipes, and a 9x13 inch Rachael Ray cake pan with lid.

Lucky Leaf

This cake, much like the pineapple cake I posted last, was super easy to make.  Although this one used a cake mix, which isn’t my favorite thing to use, but since I don’t eat the cake, I don’t mind making that kind of dessert for others.  This peach cake I made, used Lucky Leaf peach pie filling.  I chopped some of the peaches in the filling a bit smaller than they were, then just added the whole can of filling to a yellow cake mix with some eggs and sour cream.  That’s it.

Peaches Cake 6-22-14 (Lucky Leaf Pie Filling)

The recipe on the Lucky Leaf website had a different topping, which I should have made since I had all the ingredients, but for some reason, I decided to just make a simple vanilla glaze for the top of the cake. 

Lucky Leaf Peaches Cake 2

I’ve left the link for the cake recipe above at Lucky Leaf.  The glaze I made was simply just some powdered sugar, a little butter, pinch of salt, vanilla and some milk. 

Glazed Peach Cake

Kevin thought it was really sweet.  He doesn’t like some things to be too sweet.  Get this, in a matter of a day and a half, Kevin ate one and a half pieces of the cake.  During that same time, Scott ate the rest of the 9x13 inch cake.  THAT is a lot of cake consumed by one person.  Granted, he’s a 16 year old growing boy, but wow.  Taylor ate about a half piece of the cake, but Scott ate the rest of it.  And for some reason, I’m fine with that.  When I make the cake again sometime, I will use the topping recipe Lucky Leaf provided.  It had cream cheese, vanilla pudding mix and crushed canned pineapple.  Sounds good.

Lucky Leaf Peaches Cake

Another Lucky Leaf recipe I can’t wait to make with the cherry pie filling they sent me is this White Chocolate Cherry Cream Pie.  I would probably even “steal” a little bite of this one!


(Photo courtesy of Lucky Leaf)

I’ve mentioned this before, but I love Lucky Leaf pie fillings.  They have no high fructose corn syrup!  Thanks again for the package, Lucky Leaf!

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