Friday, August 23, 2013

Lo Fruit Beverage

Lo Fruit Beverages

I recently had the privilege of tasting these great new drinks called Lo Fruit Beverage.  They are really tasty and I LOVE that they have so many things about them that make it not only okay to drink, but they are even good for you. 

These not only taste good, but they are made with real fruit and are low glycemic (sweetened with agave and stevia.  They are preservative free, gluten free, vegan and GMO/GEO free.  I love all that about them.  I don’t drink my calories anymore and choose water over any other drinks.  But love this option of all these different flavored juices if I want something more than just to quench my thirst. 

My favorite is the pomegranate.  I messed up and didn’t take anymore pictures, but we loved the acai-blue and mango mojito juices in some smoothies we made.  The blueberry one was perfect for a very berry smoothie we made with some raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.  I also made a delicious peach mango smoothie and added a little fresh mint.  The mango mojito was a great addition as some liquid for the smoothie.

I’m excited to look for these in the stores and try them again!  Thanks, Lo, for compensating some to me.  (My opinions are my own and they provided me with the four drinks to sample.)  Check out their website and see all the benefits of a drink like this!


Anonymous said...

They sound great - I'll keep an eye out for them!
Mary x

Nutmeg Nanny said...

These sounds delicious :) Can't wait to try them!