Friday, June 21, 2013

Apricot Date Coconut Logs—Paleo, Vegan, No Sugar Added—And Some News

Apricot Date Coconut Logs

These were so easy to make and are a super healthy, but perfect sweet treat.  Have you ever gotten them from a bulk bin at the store?  I have tried them a few times and they were good.  Decided there was no reason not to make them at home.  Four simple ingredients is all it takes.  There is no added sugar, they are vegan and Paleo.  Don’t be thinking with all those issues they must not be good.  They are delicious!

Apricot Date Coconut Logs, by Katrina, Baking and Boys!

1 cup pitted dates

1/3 cup dried apricots

1/4 cup almond flour (almond meal)

1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut

In a food processor, pulse together the dates and apricots until they are all small bits.  Add the almond flour and pulse until all combined.  Roll the mixture into 12 tablespoon-size logs (you could roll them into balls, too).  Roll them each in the coconut and store in an airtight container.

Apricot Date Coconut Logs

Told you they were easy.  I’ve also had ones from those bulk bins that are just apricot and rolled in coconut.  Two ingredients.  So good.

I’ve told all my Facebook friends and followers.  Not sure if all my blog readers know yet, but I was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis).  Long story.  What it means for me is that I will be taking some different turns in the foods I eat.  Right now I plan to go gluten free and no refined sugars.  Never fear—I’ll still be baking up yummy treats of all kinds for my family and friends.  But from time to time I’ll have things that I think are great, healthier treats to share here, too. 

I’ve known about the MS for the last year and a half, but the last few months it kind of bit me in the rear.  I was ignoring it before, but am now on the road to kicking it in the rear big time and kicking it out the door.  It won’t rule my life.  I’m in charge. 

I tried going completely Paleo for a week.  No grains, no dairy, no sugar, and no legumes, which includes peanut butter!  That wasn’t so easy.  I asked my doctor about those kinds of diets.  She advised me to just eat a healthy, balanced diet and not go crazy with too many things.  So I stopped being completely Paleo crazed and decided there are benefits to trying gluten free, I plan to use mostly healthy, whole grains and it certainly can’t hurt to give up refined sugar.  I’ll have plenty of things up my sleeve with healthy coconut oil, agave, raw honey, coconut sugar and some other great gluten free flours.  Stay tuned.  I’m excited to see what is out there and what else I can come up with. 

For fun, while I was not eating peanut butter (and I actually still haven’t--going on more than two weeks now) I have been making my own nut butters.  Stay tuned for the sunflower seed butter I made and the delicious home roasted and homemade almond butter.  Next up, I’ll be trying pecan butter, which hopefully is fantastic as pecans are my favorite nut.  A little sneak peek, here’s what I had for lunch yesterday.

Lunch 6-20-13That’s the almond butter.  I could just spoon it right into my mouth.  But I love it on celery and carrots.  I made my most favorite breakfast smoothie with some sunflower seed butter, too.  I’ll be sharing that soon as well, it has a secret ingredient that is so good!  You’ll have to wait and come back for that.

We’ll be going on a vacation next week, so I’ll probably not be able to blog until once July comes around!  Happy Summer! 


Nancy @ gottagetbaked said...

Katrina, no I didn't know about your MS diagnosis. I'm sorry to hear the news - that's gotta be super rough on you. I'm loving your attitude though - hell yeah you're going to show it who's boss! I totally welcome your healthier yet still delicious recipes because I need to start incorporating them into my fat 'n sugar filled diet. I just bought dates last week. All I need are some dried apricots and I'm totally making these yummy healthy bars!

Valerie said...

I'd love to try these, but don't think my kiddos would touch them.

It's great that you are so good in the kitchen so you can experiment and make delicious food that will be good for you.

Granny Jacque said...

I love you!! Those look so yummy!

Twila said...

I'm sorry to hear about your MS. I've been dealing with Lyme Disease the last couple of years, so I know how health issues can be a struggle. I finally found a Dr. I trust in the spring. I've been gluten/sugar free since the end of March. It's not so bad and definitely want to try this recipe. One benefit, I lost 10 pounds. :) I can't wait to see what else you come up with. The internet helps so much with this, and I've found some really yummy recipes.

Unknown said...

These look like a great healthy snack, and so easy to make!

PheMom said...

You know, I was wondering this past week if I missed an announcement somewhere! I'm sorry you are going through this! I know you are so strong though! We really do need to still get together sometime soon (FOR REAL! It can't snow on us right now this time... knock on wood!). You're amazing Katrina and I absolutely love you! I just wish we lived even closer so I could help you out when you need it.

Lisa Ernst said...

I'm sorry to hear about your MS diagnosis, that has to be hard. But I'm glad to see you have a really good attitude and approach to it, mentally and physically. You mentioned pecan butter, and I absolutely love it! I've never made it myself but have had a jar of Ziegelmeier's pecan butter, which is heavenly drizzled over scones. I'll be looking for your blog post on pecan butter when you make it.

Amy said...

I love easy and healthful snack like this. I used to dislike dates when I was younger. Now, I really love the natural sweetness from them and use them in many recipe or eat them as snacks. :) Can't wait to try your recipe.

Anonymous said...

I have been a longtime fan of you and your blog. I love your attitude and will keep you in my prayers. You are a blessing and inspiration to many people and know you will overcome this!

Katrina said...

Anonymous, not sure who you are, but thank you! So nice to hear that from "strangers". ;)

Thank you everyone!

Chaya said...

I believe you will kick MS in the rear. You have the determination to do so. Keep on cooking. I bet that is good therapy.

I have been cooking and baking gluten-free for years and guests don't know they are eating GF food.

Kate@Holiday home insurance said...

These were delicious. Thank you and its really easy to make!

Nutmeg Nanny said...

So sorry to hear this news, but you're a strong woman and I'm sure you will take charge! These looks so tasty and so simple, love it :)

Unknown said...
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