Thursday, November 29, 2012

Candy Cane Oreo Meringue Cookie—12 Weeks of Christmas Cookies

Candy Cane Oreo Meringues

We’re in the home stretch, Friends.  Today is Week 10 of the 12 Weeks of Christmas Cookies!  After Thanksgiving, I ended up with eleven egg whites to use for something.  I almost made an angel food cake, but ended up doing other things with the whites.  Someday I’m going to make an angel food cake since I never have made one from scratch and bought a pan a few months back to do so.  But I ended up doing one thing or another with a couple of the egg whites and then decided to make meringue cookies with some.  These Candy Cane Oreo Meringue Cookies turned out great!

Candy Cane Oreos

After finding and loving the new, limited edition Candy Cane Oreos, I decided it would be fun to crush some up and put them in the meringue cookies.  They turned out great!

Candy Cane Oreo Meringues 11-27-12

While they tasted fine as is, I dressed them up a little with a dip in some melted chocolate and a little more sprinkling of the crushed cookies.

Candy Cane Oreo Meringues

I love meringue cookies.  The boys do, too.  And these were a hit at book group I made them for the other night.

Candy Cane Oreo Meringue Cookies 4

Light and crispy, airy but flavorful, love these!  They are so easy to make and pretty low fat.  Win, win!

Candy Cane Oreo Meringue Cookies, by Katrina, Baking and Boys!

2 large egg whites (66 grams), room temperature

1/2 cup granulated sugar (100 grams)

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

4 tablespoons crushed or ground Candy Cane Oreo Cookies, and extra for sprinkling on the tops (about 5 cookies)

4 ounces dark chocolate (good dark chips or chopped chocolate)

1 teaspoon coconut oil (or butter/shortening)

Preheat oven to 300 degrees.  Line baking sheet with parchment paper.  Beat egg whites on high in an electric mixer fitted with a wire whisk attachment.  As they are beginning to whip, add the granulated sugar a little at a time.  Add the vanilla extract.  Beat until stiff peaks form.  Remove bowl from mixer and fold in the ground Oreo cookies.  Put the mixture in a large piping bag fitted with a large tip (I use a star tip, but round works just fine).  Pipe dough in to about 1  1/2 inch mounds spaced an inch apart.  Bake for 30 minutes.  Let cool.

Melt chocolate in a microwave safe bowl in 20-30 second intervals with the microwave a half power.  (Should only take a couple minutes, stirring in between intervals.)  Dip half of each cookie into chocolate and set on parchment to harden.  Sprinkle with the ground cookies.  Let sit at room temperature until chocolate has hardened.  Makes about 20 cookies.

The 12 Weeks of Christmas Treats is brought to you by Brenda from Meal Planning Magic and all the blog hoppers you see below!





Sue @ Cakeballs, cookies and more said...

wow those look and sound amazing, I would never have thought to do this, must try!

Elaine said...

These are really impressive. I just bought a package of those Oreos and have been trying to figure out a way to use them. This is a great idea!

Unknown said...

These look really yummy! Great photos too. I have not seen these oreos yet.
Thanks for posting.

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Anonymous said...

Yum! These sound so tempting :)

Flourchild said...

They look great! Im sure they taste sweet:)

Shannon said...

I love the fact that there are pretty low in fat and the peppermint and chocolate combination :)

Karen said...

Wow, what a great idea. And there will lots of leftover Oreos too =)

Katrina said...

Heidi, I believe those Oreos are only at Target.

Barbara Bakes said...

I love how you dressed them up. Beautiful!

Julia said...

They look pretty and sound delicious! I love the creativity. It would have never occurred to me to put oreos in a meringue.

Jersey Girl Cooks said...

I am loving all your xmas cookie posts! Another good one!

Veronica Miller said...

The bonus of meringue cookies is they're lower in calories so you're justified in eating twice as many! ;) These sound incredible, so much better than any I've made.

Annamaria @ Bakewell Junction said...

The cookies look delicious. I love incorporating Oreos in cookies.

Emily said...

This is genius, Katrina! You need your own cookbook.

Nancy @ gottagetbaked said...

Katrina, these are so pretty and they sound delicious! I love the photo where there's a big bite missing from the cookie, showing the luscious, airy, Oreo-studded inside. Yum!

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake said...

What a delicious idea! And I love how you dipped and garnished these so beautifully!

Marlene Detierro said...

They look so festive and delicious - I know I would eat way too many of those.

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