Tuesday, December 06, 2011

TWD—Honey Almond Apple Tartlets

Honey Almond Apple Tarts

One of the recipes for TWD this week was for the Honey-Almond Fig Tart, which was chosen by Kayte the Great from Grandma's Kitchen Table.  She’s posted the recipe along with an alternative to figs using grapefruit.  Her tart looks delicious!  I wouldn’t say my laziness got the best of me, as you can see my little tartlets with those premade mini phyllo shells, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to find figs—and I actually looked and did not find them.  But I also knew I couldn’t subject myself to eating another tart.  I love the crust, not to mention whatever happens to be inside one!

Tiny Lady Apples These apples were not even the size of golf balls.  And they really taste great!

So I improvised and made half the recipe of almond cream.  While looking for the figs at Whole Foods, I came upon some of the cutest little apples I’ve ever seen called Lady Apples.  So I bought a bunch and thought these would be perfect for adding to the tarts.  I then topped them with a couple of pomegranate arils for some color.

I only made 15 tarts with the mini phyllo cups so it only took a couple of apples to fill the tarts.  I sauteed the apples in a little butter and brown sugar first.


I put the almond cream in a pastry bag and piped some of it into each tart.  I just put one slice of apple on the top of each one.

DSCF8695  Ah, those look nice—all ready for some apples and a little baking.

I know what you’re thinking—those look great, Katrina.  Well, I wouldn’t want you to think I’m perfect or anything, so here’s the deal.  I filled each tart with a bit too much almond cream—so they overflowed a bit.


Evidence ;)

All was not lost.  I think I made them look alright.

Mini Phyllo Apple Tartlets

And what was even better—they taste great!  And I don’t feel quite so guilty about eating one or two rather than a slice or two or three of a real tart‘

Honey Almond Apple Tartlets

What great thoughts Kayte also shared about baking along with this Tuesdays With Dorie group.  And I totally agree—it’s been so fun to learn new skills with baking and to “meet” so many wonderful people!  We’ll be starting the new group as we start another of Dorie Greenspan’s wonderful books, Baking With Julia in February next year!

In the meantime, we’re gearing up for Christmas around here, including this little Bad Boy!



Check out Kayte's post for the recipe for this tart.  The other recipe that was chosen for this week was Earl Grey Madeleines and you can get the recipe for those from Nicole at Bakeologie.  Since we just recently made some madeleines, I decided not to again, but Nicole’s look great!


Shelby said...

How can that adorable little boy with the spark in his eye be bad? I LOVE that photo! lol

Oh and little apple pies...I'd want 2 or 3, they sound really delish and look really yummy!

Lisa Ernst said...

The tarts look lovely and the pomegranate seeds on top give them nice visual appeal. I'm all for using the pre-made shells, and I'll bet the fig filling would be fabulous. But the apples look good too. My hubby would love this recipe.

marla said...

Your little guy is darling & these tarts look wonderful!

Spike said...

love the pomegranate on top! Very festive

Kayte said...

Aw, thank you for you kind words and the title of "Great" -- wow, I've never gotten that before! lol I love your little tarts, those look party-worthy with their little pom seeds on top especially. It sounds like you are going to do the next book as well? I am so happy to hear that...I would miss you terribly each week. Truly, I would. And I wouldn't get to see adorable photos of the boys, especially ones of them in a Santa hat! So cute. And, if you aren't baking from the new adventure, I'll still show up here anyway to check out just how many ways one can chocolate something up...lol!

Unknown said...

I love those little mini phyllo shells - your adaption is so up my alley!

sue @ cakeballs, cookies and more said...

See I think those look good, and that little guy cannot possibly be bad!

Zesty Cook said...

Lady apples...how cute! Kind of like pink lady apples, but tinier? I love individual services for desserts. These look great!

Katrina said...

Zesty Cook--I'm not really familiar with the taste of Pink Lady apples, but when I saw these little ones were called Lady apples, I wondered if they were related. Does make me want to try Pink Ladies, I see them at the store all the time.
Thanks for stopping by!