Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Little Cute Boys Photo Intermission **And A Fantastic Craft Idea**

Little Pilgrim Sam wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!


Tuesdays With Dorie has been postponed (for convenience sake) until Friday.  We can make and post any TWD recipe we’d like, one we’ve missed or that was made before we joined the group and we aren’t posting until Friday in case it was something we want to make for Thanksgiving.

So I thought I’d post some fun photos of my boys, since my blog is called Baking AND Boys! and sometimes I don’t put enough of “the boys” on here.  (There might also be a picture or two of our doggy, Chip, but never fear, he’s also a boy!) ;)


Chip can often be found longingly looking out the window wishing he was outside in the cold.  So we bought him a little gated pen that he can go out and sit in (and not run away or get eaten by wild, ferocious beasts!


He gets to go out quite often, but he has to share the “pen” with a couple others who need corralled! ha


Poor little doggy, gets so much attention.  It’s a tough life!  (His little face looks like he’s saying “help”.) (Fencing our property is at the top of our list come this next spring/summer so the pup can have free run outside.)


The boys have taken up playing with clay (not Playdoh), the real stuff.  Parker has a project for school and needed to sculpt a few things.  I got out some old clay I had that was probably more than 6-7 years old.  It was a little tough, but still workable.  They liked it so much, we bought them another pack of 30 colors of new stuff.  They have created quite the creatures and spent lots of quality time playing with it (instead of electronics, which drive me crazy!).

**On a side note, smartest idea I had (I think I should get paid for my idea—ahaha)—take an old plastic shower curtain (that isn’t yucky), or even buy a new one-they are cheap, and cover your table when the kids want to paint, use markers, play with clay, etc.  It perfectly protects the table and wipes clean with no problems!  Fold it up when done and put it away for the next time.  I don’t even care if anyone else comes along and tells me they already thought of that—I thought of it all on my own and am pretty proud of myself.  (It doesn’t take much, ha.)**

Yes, I do have one more son, the oldest, Scottie, age 13, is often not found when I have the camera out.  Little stinker!  (He is in the picture with the dog in his pen and is actually a big help when the dog needs to be taken outside.)


We kind of like our little Chippy Poo.  (He’d be so mad if he knew I put that in here---haha.)


Kevin had a birthday back in October.  I didn’t post any pictures then, but I love this one that looks like the house is going to burn down while he’s blowing out candles. ;)  He’ll be delighted that I posted this---or maybe moreso this one---


He really likes cheesecake!

1st Snow 11-19-11

We had our first real snow of the season last week.  It was still only about an inch or so.  But that didn’t stop Taylor.  He built a castle out on the deck that he was pretty proud of.


Chip is often found sitting with his little paws crossed.  Cracks me up.  That or he’ll run ahead of me into the room and get a ball in his mouth and just sit there like he’s been waiting for me to play ball with him.  He acts like he’s been sitting there waiting all day when he really just got there a second before me.  Such a funny doggy!

Okay, I think I’m done for now.  Stay tuned for more delicious treats—coming right up!  Wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season.  I’m so grateful for my family, they mean the world to me!  We have been given so much, our home, our health, great family, friends, etc.  Thank you also all for reading my blog, I feel that it is often my sanity in life! ;)


Granny Jacque said...

Love all the pictures and report on what is happening at your home!!

AmyRuth said...

So cute! Love all the photos and your pilgrim

Suzanne said...

How fun! Love seeing all your family, er, uh, "the boys". It is always a treat for me to see the rest of your life in addition to the baking. Tell the boys the crazy lady in Texas says hello and give lots of scratches and kisses to Chippie Poo. LOL!

Emily said...

Awww Chip is cute!! I hope your cute little family has a good Thanksgiving!

Megan's Cookin' said...

You have a beautiful family Katrina! Have a terrific Thanksgiving!lon

Katrina said...

Thanks Everyone! Y'all have a great Thanksgiving!

Kayte said...

That shower curtain idea is inspired, where were you when I could have used that idea? I used to put down old newspaper but the shower curtain would be even better! Cute photos of the boys...all of them...lol on the burning down the house birthday cake with SO MANY CANDLES! Chip is adorable...the doggies just have a way of winning space in your heart, don't they? Such little personalities all their own. I'm always thinking that I should be vegetarian as cows and sheep and pigs all have personalities of their own, too. So far, I've resisted.