Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TWD—Caramel Pots de Creme

I made the Caramel Pots de Creme for this week’s pick for Tuesdays With Dorie EXACTLY as written (except I only made 1/4 of the recipe).  It made three small (cute little heart shaped) ramekins of creme. 


The most annoying thing is that I thought I’d try covering the pan with the ramekins ready to bake with plastic wrap just as the recipe suggests, even though I knew many complained about the plastic wrap melting AND when we made the Chocolate Pots de Creme I didn’t cover it with anything and it was fine.  I should have just gone with my gut, but I wanted to see for myself if the plastic wrap did anything.

It melted.  By the time I checked on it part way through the baking, it was already melted quite a bit, so I didn’t think we should eat them.  So glad I only made 1/4 of the recipe!  I decided to taste one, so I scraped off a good part of the top layer of creme, sprinkled a few mini chocolate chips on top and tasted it. 

DSCF5348  It was good.  Probably not something I’d make again.  I really like the Chocolate version—better.  I was happy that the whole making caramel thing worked, even with such a small amount of sugar since the 1/4 recipe is so small. 


I was able to peel this off the edges of the pan.  sigh  If you’d like to make this, Peggy from  Peggy the Baker chose the recipe and will have it on her blog. 

Caramel Pot de Creme-TWD 5-30-11

Is it just me, or anyone else find it really hard to believe June is here?  Totally crazy.  Now, if the weather here would just act like it’s springtime.  Actually, I think we’re finally done with snow, but now it just keeps on raining and it’s windy and cold.  Enough already. ;)


Fallon said...

I wonder why they would recommend to use the plastic wrap knowing it would melt??

Yeah I can't believe June is here either. Summer is here!! Before you know it it will be Halloween and Christmas all over again. :)

Valerie Gamine said...

I'm sorry about the pesky plastic wrap...I'm still baffled as to why that showed up in more than one recipe.

Your little pots de creme do look adorable in their heart-shaped ramekins!

Peggy the Baker said...

Your little heart-shaped ramekins are so wonderful! I'm sorry you had trouble with the plastic wrap, I must admit that I baked these twice this week, once with foil because I was sooo skeptical of the plastic. But my husband bought a premium store brand of plastic wrap, I lowered the oven temp just a smidge, and it worked fine. I think that the "new and improved" plastic wraps are made with a different formula than what Dorie used. Can't trust 'em.
Thanks for giving it a try this week!

Lisa said...

Too bad about the mishap. Still, your little pots de creme came out really cute and at least you got to taste one.

mike509 said...

What great ramekins Katrina! Sorry about the plastic wrap - I shied away from this method (completely)! Love the chips addition - chocolate and caramel!

Unknown said...

I love your heart-shaped ramekins! Good call on the chocolate chips, you can never go wrong with chocolate and caramel. I sat out this week since we're just not big pudding people - will have to make this one down the road when I have someone to share with.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they have super-duper plastic wrap in France?

TeaLady said...

Those are such adorable little ramekins. I will have to look for a shape rather than round.

My plastic wrap also melted, but not into the custard. It was all on the outside of the cups.

Unknown said...

I love your little heart-shaped ramekins - and good for you for forging ahead after a plastic wrap fiasco! I also liked the chocolate ones better, but I still loved these.