Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TWD—“Cardamom” Crumb Cake (Cinnamon/Ginger/Nutmeg)

This week’s recipe for Tuesdays With Dorie, chosen by at great gal, Jill from Jill's Blog is Cardamom Crumb Cake on pages 38-39 in Baking From My Home to Yours.  I made the cake on Monday to take to a little family night we had going to sing carols with our friend Bob and some others at his apartments. 

The cake is supposed to have espresso and coffee, but I didn’t do that.  I left out the espresso and just used water for the coffee.  I also didn’t use cardamom, I don’t have any and after looking up information about it, it is expensive and not so easy to find.  I have wanted to get some, but have never used it.  In place of the cardamom, I used a combination of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.  With three tablespoons of orange zest, that is definitely the key flavor to my version of this crumb cake.  The recipe calls for whole milk, but I just used 2%, which is fine.  I thought it was good.  The cake is nice and moist.  I just snapped a few quick photos before taking it to our activity.


My favorite part of crumb cake is the crumb topping.  This is a good one with even more orange zest in the crumb topping.  Thanks for the great choice this week, Jill.  You can get the recipe on Jill’s blog. 

DSCF2891Happy Holidays!


Chip loves this little, pink stuffed octopus with crinkly legs.  We’re having fun with this new addition to our home.


Tia said...

omg chip is SOOOO Cute!!! great job on the cake and the substitutions you did. I used nutmeg, no cardamom either.

Emily said...

Aww Chip is cute!

This cake looks moist and delicious! I think I prefer your spice mixture, anyway.

chocolatechic said...

Chip is just absolutely adorable.

Your cake looks great too.

CaSaundraLeigh said...

I usually buy cardamom at Wal-Mart..it's actually rather cheap there. I use it alot for cardamom bread--love the looks of your cake too!!

Caroline said...

Your cake looks so moist! I love crumb cakes, but I have serious issues with self control around them. Chip is such a cutie! Hope he's adjusting nicely to his new home! I know it took our puppy a couple of weeks to really come into his own here, but he's been a force to be reckoned with ever since! Happy Holidays!

Welcome to our crazy blessed life said...

Cute new addition! :) Glad this turned out so well with all of the modifications. I am hoping to make mine today.

briarrose said...

Man this looks wonderful. Good job on the substitutions. I have cardamom in the cabinet and I think I've used it maybe once...I just don't run across that many recipes that call for it.

spike. said...

so cute (cake, puppy and octopus)!

Jessica of My Baking Heart said...

Looks yummy! If you have any around you, I found cardamom at World Market for CHEAP! :)

Emily Z said...

Your crumb cake looks fantastic but I am in love with your dog! I have 2 Dachshunds, and they used to have a pink octopus like that but it has long since been destroyed. I can't buy them toys anymore. They destroy everything so fast, it is such a waste of money! :)

Unknown said...

Dude, chip is so flipping adorable!

Anonymous said...

Your version sounds wonderful! I couldn't taste the coffee; I think the spices and orange zest were the major flavors. Thanks for taking the time to bake with me during this busy holiday month!

Chip is so sweet!

Unknown said...

Chip is so cute Katrina!! What a fun little guy to have around.

I sat out this week, just no time. Though, I also didn't have cardamom, and didn't want to spend lots of money on it. I may still give this one a go for rewind next week, so thanks for the cinnamon/ginger/nutmeg idea :)

Anonymous said...

Your crumb cake looks fabulous! I love cardamom, though, and think its unique flavor is worth the price. Penzey's might have a smaller quantity of the spice available in their retail stores. I didn't find in their online offerings.

Valerie Gamine said...

Your cake looks great, Katrina!
I used ginger instead of cardamom too. :-)

TeaLady said...

Cinnamon/nutmeg/ginger is a perfect sub for the cardamom. It looks so moist!!!

Jill Cook said...

I love your new dog! Would you mind posting your recipe for the "easy" bakliva you brought to the RS party?

Katrina said...

Hi Jill,
I've posted the Lazy Cook's Baklava in a previous post (long ago). Here's the link.

I checked the link to the recipe on that post and it doesn't seem to be working, here's the recipe from my files.

The Lazy Cook's Baklava—Noble Pig
Inspired by Woman's Day

1 box (2.1 ounce) frozen mini fillo shells
1/3 cup chopped pistachios
1/3 cup chopped cashews
1/3 cup chopped almonds
1/4 cup honey
1 teaspoon water

Chop pistachios, cashews and almonds. Combine into one mixture. Fill shells with nuts and bake in a 350 degree oven for 8 minutes or until shells are lightly browned.

Mix honey with water. Remove the cups from the oven and spoon in honey mixture (really fill them up).

Serve warm or at room temperature

Thanks for stopping by, Jill!

Unknown said...

The best part about the crumb cakes is always the crumb! It looks delicious. The flavors sound wonderful, I think I need to try this one soon!

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