Monday, September 13, 2010

Bulls Eye Baking Co. Parchment Paper, Chocolate Chip Toffee Cookies and Brownies

I want to tell you about a company that contacted me to see if I wanted to try their parchment paper and a couple of their baking mixes.  I love the opportunity to review products—especially baking products!

Bulls Eye Baking Co. is a newer company with some great people just trying do and sell what they love—baking products.  I can get behind that. 


The parchment paper is unique in that it is marked with bulls eyes—thirteen of them.  You can always bake up a baker’s dozen cookies at a time!  (I suppose you could on any baking sheet, but I thought it was fun and clever to have it marked with a bulls eye for you.)


The chocolate chip toffee cookie mix was also unique.  You just add softened butter to it but work it in with a fork like you would a pastry dough.


And then mix in an egg.  The dough turned out perfectly.  (And tasted great, too.)  I liked that this cookie mix is FULL of lots of chocolate chips, two different sizes and tons of toffee.


I was also pleasantly surprised and happy with how perfectly the cookies baked.


Did I mention also that the ingredients in the packaged mixes are all natural—no processed stuff-no hydrogenated oils, no high fructose.  And it was so easy to make these that Sam helped and he loved it.  Part of the whole idea and motto behind Bulls Eye Baking Co. is “bake it fun”.   The lines on the parchment are also great for perfect size cutting of treats and they give a great (short) video instruction on their website for how to perfectly fold a piece of parchment to line a loaf pan.  I will be trying that for sure.


I really liked the chocolate chip toffee cookies!  You might be thinking I would never use a mix and while I rarely do, THIS is the kind I would use and not feel bad about having a few in my pantry to use in an emergency.  The cookie and brownie mixes will not be available on their website until October as they are in the process of relocating, but I think they’d be worth the $5.99 per mix.  To make it more enticing for you to try some of their parchment and mixes, when you order from their website, if you tell them Baking and Boys! sent you, they’ll give you free shipping!


The brownies really turned out great as well!  Again, their only ingredients are just what you would use at home, but these really saved time in baking up a quick, yummy treat in no time.  Sam also helped me with the brownies.  These are also packed with lots of chocolate chips.  They came out perfectly fudgy and were a nice sturdy brownie.


All we added to the brownie mix was some oil (suggested oil is olive, but I was almost out, so I used canola oil), and two eggs.  I would be very tempted to throw in some pecans to this as I’m kind of a nut-in-my-brownies kind of gal, but the boys were sure happy with these.  I was able to make a plateful of cookies and brownies to share with a neighbor who had a death in their family as well as some cookies for another neighbor’s birthday.


Thank you, Richard from Bulls Eye Baking Co. for letting me try your great cookies and brownies and for the really handy parchment paper.   I think it’s great to support companies like this who are doing something they love and baking it fun!  Check them out.


Lisa said...

My gosh, I love how those huge chocolate chips from the brownies are just staring me right in the face.

Lisa Ernst said...

Both of these mixes look great, but I'm particularly drawn to the brownies with those large chocolate chunks! Maybe mixes are getting better, if you buy the right ones. My Barefoot Contessa brownie mix was excellent too.

Plain Chicken said...

Very cool parchment paper! The chocolate chip toffee cookies look great! I will have to check it out.

Fallon said...

Love that parchment paper. I know I could use some bulleyes when it comes to baking cookies.. Mine always bake into each other LOL

I think the boxed mixes are great and it is even better when the ingredients are good ingredients. The brownies look amazing. I love how thick and hearty they look! I'm sure they taste even better.

Eliana said...

I'm a sucker for cool baking products and I can really get behind that parchment paper.

Megan said...

Those brownies look so good. And the paper is so clever -

Natalie said...

Sad to say but I've never used parchment paper--I'm so ashamed! I usually just skip it when a recipe calls for it but I need to actually get some. Love that this has the bullseyes on it!

Mimi said...

It will be fun to check out their web site, I can't resist fun baking products.

Unknown said...

Lovely products. Those chocolate chunks are HUGE :D