Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Archway Cookies—Sweet Summer Treats Recipe Contest

For nearly 75 years, Archway has shared in the simple traditions of families across America by providing a variety of freshly-baked cookies.  Archway Cookies are made with pride at the Archway bakery in Ashland, Ohio.


I’m sure you’ve eaten a cookie or two of theirs over the years.  Iced Lemonade Cookies, Iced Oatmeal Cookies, Raspberry Fruit Filled or Apple Oatmeal Cookies, Molasses Cookies, Windmill Cookies, Ice Circus Animal Cookies—any of those ring a bell?  They are all really good.  I consider myself a chocolate lover (who knew?), but I LOVE those Iced Lemonade Cookies.  (Special thanks to Archway for sending me a bunch of their cookie varieties to sample.  What a fun surprise that was!)


Since receiving some of their samples, we have been crazy busy with our move and getting settled and having family reunions and such and I’ve been dying to just get in the kitchen and play with some of their cookies.  Why, you ask?

Archway is having a Sweet Summer Treats Recipe Contest.  They realized that not only were people buying and enjoying their cookies as is, they were also using them to make other delicious treats.  So they decided to have a recipe contest.  They are having a total of three different categories for you to submit your creations and enter their contest.

1. Desserts with ice cream
2. Desserts without ice cream
3. Non-dessert creations (e.g., appetizer, muffin, etc.)

A total of three grand prize winners (one from each of the three categories) will be selected. Each grand prize winner will receive a $250 Visa® Gift Card and have their recipe featured in Archway® Cookies promotional materials, including and the Official Archway® Cookies Facebook fan page.


I wish I had more time to play around with their cookies and enter different recipes.  I’ve tried a few, one included some of their Gingersnaps in a fruit crisp topping, which was really good.


And I don’t know if I’d say the other thing I’ve done, just last night, is a recipe, but I sure had fun with it.

I decorated some of their Molasses Cookies with some leftover cream cheese frosting I had and some fun different candies to use up.  You could really play around with these.  I like the flowery shape of the Molasses Cookies (And they are almost all we have left from their yummy samples, the boys have been devouring most of the others before I thought of playing around with them.)  One thing I really liked was making a fun treat for the boys, but not having to turn on the oven and bake since it’s the dead of summer and it’s been so hot lately.  You could even just set out frosting and candies and let the kiddos decorate their own cookies—Archway has many varieties of cookies that are big enough for decorating and would be yummy with all kinds of frosting added.  These Molasses Cookies were great with cream cheese frosting.   


Sam was right there as I was trying to take some pictures.  He insisted on being in a picture.


Head over to Archway's website and check out more information about their contest.  You can also get a $1.00 off coupon for their cookies.  The contest has been running since June 22 and will go until August 15, so get creating and submitting and enter their contest.

(Special thanks again to Archway for sending me some samples of their cookies and special thanks also to my mom for the fun decorated cookies idea.  She makes big sugar cookies and decorates them all different fun ways and sells them at their local farmers’ market.  I’m hoping to do a post to show you all her creations sometime-soon.)



Lisa Ernst said...

The cream cheese blueberry bars look wonderful. Is a recipe coming?

Unplanned Cooking said...

I absolutely love frosted cookies. The store where I bought them as a kid closed. And now all I find are over frosted ones that make me sick (which is saying a lot, because I can tolerate a lot of sugar;). These look good.

Fallon said...

MM I was always a fan of the iced molasses! The decorated cookies are so cute.

Plain Chicken said...

Those decorated cookies are so cute! Makes it easy when you don't have to bake - especially in this heat.

Unknown said...

What a fun treat

Mimi said...

So creative! The iced oatmeal cookies were my favorite.

Tia said...

omg i would be jumping up and down with joy if i opened a box of all these treats for free! lol :)

tia @ buttercreambarbie

Tia said...

aww thx for your reply by email... i hope companies do start contacting me, although the likelihood of that is lower b/c i'm Canadian :(

AmyRuth said...

Uh Yes, I definitely am a chocolate lover, but to my surprise I really like these blondies too. You do so many different acts with your baked goods. How fun are you? Then there are the darling cookies on the colorful plate. Very cute Katrina!

Eliana said...

Oh goodness I am obsessed with the Archway Frosty Lemon Cookies. I seriously can't have them at home because I can devour an entire box in no time.

Your creations are GORGEOUS. You are incredibly talented.

Amanda said...

These are so cute Katrina!

christine louise said...

Archway Cookies come from my neck of the woods!! I am so glad that you are able to enjoy them as much as us Ohioans do! (:

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