Thursday, June 03, 2010

Scott Turns 12 Years Old


Twelve years ago today I became a mother.  Scott Rigby was born after much laboring.  He may have been my toughest delivery, but it’s hard to compare your first with all the others.  I had NO idea what I was doing.  I can’t believe that was 12 years ago.  That was a joyous time for us as first time parents and also hard times as we were clueless parents.  Scott put up with a lot from our ignorance and was a fun baby.  He still puts up with a lot being the oldest.

I would do a fun picture memory profile of Scott through these past dozen years, but I very sadly and embarrassingly dropped my (new) laptop and it’s broken. :(  I’m so sad and feel really bad!  So I’m now using Kevin’s school laptop until we move.  He took the computer to the computer doctor and they decided it’s the mother board.  Sigh.  Anyway, I don’t want to talk about it.

Back to the birthday boy!  When Scott was a baby, we lived in Kevin’s parents’ house while they were gone for three years.  Kevin’s little sister, Aunt K., lived downstairs.  She came up and visited often and loved playing with Scottie and he loved when she was there.  Another person Scott loved was Great Grandma Smith.  I used to take Scott over to see her everyday and spend time with her, get her some lunch and her meds and make sure she was doing okay.  Great Grandma loved Scott and he loved her and being at her house.  She had a little cupboard full of old toys that he loved to play with.  When Scott was 6 or 7, we were talking about our time with Great Grandma when he was 1-2 years old (before we moved away) and out of nowhere he mentioned a little bobble head turtle that Grandma had.  I’d say that was some amazing memory!

Scott is super smart, great at math and science, LOVES to play drums on everything in sight and is eager to start playing drums in school.  He also loves art and is good at drawing and does well with all the art projects he’s given at school.  We look forward to seeing what middle school and high school bring for him.

Scott wanted cheesecake for his birthday today.  I made an interesting recipe that I found online.  The eggs in the recipe were separated and the beaten stiff egg whites were folded in at the end of making the filling.  The cheesecake was “light” (not in fat) and has a great flavor.  It cracked excessively at the end of baking, but we didn’t mind.  Scott wanted canned cherry pie filling for the topping.   We didn’t have any candles, oops.  (They are packed and already in Utah with tons of our stuff.)




Here’s Scott in a sudden hail and rainstorm the other day.  The boys were pretty excited to see marble sized hail.  It didn’t last for very long.



Scott decided for a birthday party that he wanted to have a few of his friends over for a sleepover (Kevin keeps correcting me as I keep calling it a slumber party saying that girls have slumber parties and boys have sleepovers.)  Kevin has decked out the basement in this duplex we’re in which is unfinished and we aren’t even using.  He’s put a TV, DVD player, the Wii, and chairs downstairs for Scott and his friends to par-tay tomorrow night.  We’ve never let the boys have sleepovers and told them they have to be 12 before we’d allow that.  Scott has been excited for this day!  They’ll have pizza, ice cream sundaes and more junk food and candy than you can imagine.  Perfect 12 year old boy stuff!

We love you, Scottie!  Happy Birthday!


Stephanie said...

Happy birthday Scott! As lucky as you are to be his mothers, he's just as lucky to have you as his mother :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Scott!

The cheesecake looks fluffy and delicious. Funny, I didn't know that boys didn't have "slumber parties" either!

Welcome to our crazy blessed life said...

Aww! Happy birthday Scott! :) I hope the sleepover is super fun!
My daughter is turning 8 in July and we told her she could have a slumber party with a few friends. We'll see how it goes...

Kayte said...

Happy Birthday, Scott! He is starting to look like a teenager already...the time goes so quickly. One cute dude! Hope the day is special for everyone.

Valerie said...

That cheesecake looks so good, even with a few cracks! Hope your dude had a great birthday.

Lisa Ernst said...

Scott is one well rounded guy, being good at math and science, as well as music and art! As a kid, we used the word "slumber party" and I didn't realize that's still the the lexicon, even if its only for girls. The cheesecake looks great. I'll take a slice with blueberries. :-)

Eva Challen said...

So were you living in Kevin's parents house while his dad was the Mission President in Baltimore? We were living in Baltimore at the time they were there, and our oldest will be 12 in January. Where did the time go????