Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Rhubarb Cake with Cornmeal Recipe Linked


During my unwanted, undesired internet hiatus last week, and while Kevin was out of town, I wanted to make a treat to deliver to my “reality sisters” for Survivor night on Thursday.  I normally take something over while we watch “our show” and visit.  But I was unable to go since I needed to be home with the boys and Kevin was gone.   I had just taken one of Paige's classes a few days earlier and my friend, Marina, had to leave the class early and missed dessert!  Marina is one of the Survivor watchers, so I decided to make Paige’s cake and deliver it to the girls.

The cake from Paige’s class was a delicious cake made with cornmeal which gave it a great texture and flavor and was dotted with rhubarb over the top.  It was also sprinkled with turbinado sugar, which added a great subtle crunch to it.  Paige used cardamom to add more flavor to the cake and I swear I finally bought some, but couldn’t find it.  So cinnamon was my alternate.  I emailed a bit with Paige about the cake, especially since I questioned her making the cake in a 10-inch tart pan and I only have an 11-inch pan.  We finally decided it would be best for me to make 1 1/2 times the recipe and fill the pan half full with batter and use the extra in some smaller tart pans I have.  That worked perfectly, and meant more cake! ;)

You can use this same cake to make all kinds of variations.  In place of the cornmeal, you could use a nut flour.  You could also use blueberry and lime instead of rhubarb and orange, as well as raspberry/lime, or apricots, or any variations you’d like to try.  (Strawberries might be too watery, but you could certainly try them.)  I can’t wait to try it with blueberries when they’re in season and I love apricots, so I’ve got lots of cake to make soon. ;)  The cake was simply served with some whipped cream.


Here’s one of the small ones where just for fun, I threw on some blackberries and a slice of strawberry, just because I had some.  It looks pretty. 

I followed Paige’s recipe exactly, except for the cardamom, so go check out her cake and the recipe on her blog, A Cooking Life.  It’s a great one to have in your cake recipes collection.  Thanks—again, Paige!



What?  You didn’t think I’d send the whole cake to my friends, did you? ;)  Marina actually wasn’t able to go watch Survivor either, so I took some cake to her and some to Julie’s.  Happy to share!


Paige said...

Hi Katrina! Thanks for making the cake. It looks great. Marina was in class last night and said it tasted great too!

Kayte said...

Looks perfectly delicious to me...and not an ounce of chocolate in sight, right? Kudos to you for all you do, especially now.

Unknown said...

Cake looks deliciou! I definitely have to make it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Holly said...

looks really yummy:)

Valen said...

Thanks Katrina for the banana snickerdoodle recomendation! That sounds great, I put it up on my blog. This cake looks delicious!

Lisa Ernst said...

This really looks tender and delicious. Normally not what I'd be drawn to, but there are exceptions and this looks like one. When I was in San Francisco a few years ago, I had a memorable dessert at an Italian restaurant that reminds me of this, with lemon and blueberries.

Unknown said...

The cake looks delicious! I love these simple adaptable cakes :)

Amanda said...

it looks gorgeous Katrina!!

♥peachkins♥ said...


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eatme_delicious said...

What a beautiful cake! I love how the rhubarb is just nestled into the batter.