Tuesday, September 08, 2009

TWD--Chocolate Souffle, With Some Pictures Thrown In.

First of all, I wish this was funny--


All the kids, including most of the neighbor kids were outside playing this afternoon (Monday).  I knew Sam had gone outside, but since all the bigger kids were out there, I assumed he was fine and hadn't checked on him for a while (20 minutes or so).  Kevin came upstairs and asked where Sam was and I told him he was outside with all the kids.  So he went and checked on him and no kids were to be found.  The boys were all in a neighbors backyard--and they had not seen Sam at all!  (Panic!)  We all frantically went looking for Sam.  The neighbors uncovered window well?  No.  At a different neighbors house?  No, they weren't home.  We all dispersed and began looking everywhere.  Then we heard one of the neighbor boys hollering from right outside our garage.   "There's Sam in the car," he said pointing. 

Sam got into Kevin's car.  Messed with all the buttons and wipers, locked the door and opened an umbrella Kevin had in there.  Thank goodness it was not a hot day--only in the mid-70's.  But Sam was still sweating.  When we got him out, he said, "hot."  That little STINKER!  Whew!  SO glad he was okay.  And we've learned that Kevin will lock his car in the garage from now on!  And that I will check on him MORE often while he's outside NOT playing with the other kids!


Okay, on to Tuesday's with Dorie!  This week's recipe from Dorie Greenspan's Baking From My Home to Yours baking book was chosen by the wonderful and ever-so-talented Susan from She's Becoming Doughmesstic.  She chose Chocolate Souffle, which is found on page 406 in the book.  You can get the recipe on Susan's blog.

Souffle, souffle, souffle.  Never actually thought I'd make it and actually never really thought I'd ever want to.  I always just thought of souffle as a yellow, eggy looking thing served at a brunch or something.  I don't care for eggy tasting things, well, except I do like eggs, scrambled, fried, hard boiled--not souffled.  I asked on the P&Q if the CHOCOLATE souffle tasted eggy and I was assured (by another "great"--Caitlin from Engineer Baker) that it did NOT--chocolate was the flavor winner here. 

Okay, I was game.  I mean, we're talking chocolate.  How could I not play? ;)

I found a cool, tall mug (16 ounce) and decided to make half a recipe (you know, in case no one really liked the souffle).   This really was very simple to make!  Melt chocolate (I used 60% bittersweet Ghirardelli chips) with some sugar.  Whisk in some milk.  Let it sit for five minutes while you (I mean the mixer) whisks some egg whites.  Add egg yolks, then carefully fold in the whites.  Pour into a buttered and sugared dish and bake (I did 25 minutes at 390 degrees--because that's what Nancy from The Dogs Eat the Crumbs said worked. (Gotta love Nancy, too!  Dang, you fellow bloggers out there are awesome! ;) )  Hello--simple!  And hello--chocolate!

Hello Souffle!  Ready for the oven.


Rising in the oven  (Don't be trying to look at my dirty oven.)  I was just really happy to see it rising.  Knife test inserted in at an angle indicated that it was done!


I heard that it "falls" fast, so I was ready for some photos.


Oh, powdered sugar on top!


Let's dig in!  Careful, Sam, that mug is HOT!


Sam wanted some RIGHT then.  I had to scoop him some out and put it in the fridge.  He was not happy about waiting until it was cool enough, but he happily ate it when it was.

"Help me, I'm melting." said the souffle.


And it was good.  Chocolaty.  What more could a person ask for?  A little ice cream on the side?  Okay.

DSCF4298 h

That's our recent "new love", David Lebovitz' Philadelphia Style Chocolate Ice Cream (my version).  While I think the souffle was chocolaty enough and a vanilla ice cream would have been better with this, we only have chocolate in the freezer right now (shh, we've made this ice cream three times since I blogged about it--gasp!  Don't worry, we've given quite a bunch of it away, AND there's still quite a bit of it left.)

I'm really happy I decided to make this week's recipe and I'm glad I didn't make the full recipe--or else I'd be in trouble for eating too much of it!  Thanks for the fun one, Susan.  Check out all the others over at TWD Headquarters.


And because I keep forgetting and feel bad, I wanted to take a moment to thank Claire from Cooking is Medicine (what a gal--a newly graduated medical doctor who finds time to bake up yummy things for all the people around her--she's lovely!!)  for passing this award on that she gave me a few weeks ago.  It's the One Lovely Blog Award.

Thanks, Claire, so nice of you to think of me!  I'm supposed to pass this on to 13 other lovely bloggers, but I just can't pick.  You're all lovely and so are your blogs.  If you're reading this--you get the award, too!  Pass it on.


Tired of all the pictures yet?  No, good.  I've got more.  I have to do it this way, folks, or I just can't seem to get it all done, posted, put there for safe/record keeping and for all the world to see!  So here's a few pictures of Scott from our trip to Indiana.


Scott loved all the rides and things at Holiday World!





Love this picture of Scott and Parker with his cousins, Tanner, Tristan and Hannah.



Ridin' on the turkey ride with Aimee.


The world's tallest water ride.

IMG_6231 IMG_6232

Don't look so excited, Scottie!


Fun times!


vibi said...

Quite beautifully done Katrina! Love the sequence pictures... and the minis' puffiness!

AmyRuth said...

Oh my goodness, I am so glad you did make the souffle. Now you know how easy this recipe is and how delicious a wee bit of chocolate fluff tastes. he he What a beauty. I like your mug too.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Sam is okay!! All is well that ends well right!?
Your souffle looks like a tasty success. Good job!

♥peachkins♥ said...

beautiful souffle and fun photos!

Fallon said...

Oh man!!! Sam is quick!!! I'm glad he was found and he was okay. Locking himself in the car when it still warm outside is so scary to think.

That souffle sounds awesome. I'm like you I don't like eggy tasting desserts like flan. Yuck!! But I'll eat a savory egg and love it.

Megan said...

I didn't actually get to make the souffle yet - but rest assured, I will!

BTW - I hate it when one of the kids go missing only to have them turn up right under your nose! Glad he was ok, though.

Kayte said...

I love the souffle in the mug, my favorite shot with it all done up and just waiting for the spoon. You are always so creative! Also loved the photos of the kids and in INDIANA, LOL. My boys love Holiday World as well...free refills on all drinks all day! Yahoo!

Cathy said...

Man, those kids like to give us heart attacks, don't they? Glad everybody turned up okay! Your souffle looks beautiful! Wasn't this a cool recipe? I still can't believe it worked!

I love the pictures of your gang, too - looks like lots of fun!

Tiffany Winters said...

Thank goodness Sam was ok. I would have been freaking out too. Give him a little kiss for me.

doughmesstic said...

Thanks for baking along with me this week! I would have loved some of the DL ice cream - now I am gonna have to make some, too - if I can find the time!

So glad you found Sam safe & sound. Now I know to go ahead & start locking my doors now for when the time comes. Whew...

Susan of www.doughmesstic.com

Anonymous said...

So glad everything turned out well with Sam!
Your Chocolate Souffle looks stunning! I love how puffy it is and love the mug you used too!
Thanks for sharing your family photos - you have a great, fun-loving family!

Flourchild said...

Great Souffle and Im glad your son was allright. That is super scary.

Soy*Baby said...

Looks wonderful. Glad your little boy is fine and loved the souffle. I ate mine straight out of the oven. Hot.

Anonymous said...

Kids really age us sometimes, don't they? Glad it was a lovely happy ending. I love your mug - that souffle looks perfect!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a heart-stopper. You must have been frantic. Glad your little one was okay. Love your pics. Your souffle looks great!

Emily said...

Yum! I want to grab a spoon and dig in.

These family pictures are fantastic! That's a good idea for you to take so many so you can look back at them in the future.

Leslie said...

OMG..I just know that panic feeling you must have been feeling!
there is nothing worse than that!

Welcome to our crazy blessed life said...

YIKES! What a scary situation with you sweet boy! Glad he was ok.

Your souffle is beautiful! Glad it turned out so well. I remember reading your comment about it being eggy. Glad it wasn't!

Sarah said...

Beautiful souffles! I love the way they look in the mugs, like an overflowing hot cocoa!

Engineer Baker said...

Oh I'm so glad the souffle went well - it looks amazing! Where in IN did you go? I'm from South Bend originally :)

Anonymous said...

I'm am so jealous you got some photos of your souffle before it fell. Great work!

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Cute kid photos and AWESOME souffle!!

Eliana said...

Your souffle looks perfect. (just like those cute kids of yours)

Barbara Bakes said...

I've enjoyed seeing all the TWD souffles today. I really like your mug idea! I don't think I'll not be able to think of your it's melting reference when I have a souffle.

Lisa A. said...

Great post to illustrate both baking and boys! LOL! That souffle looks SO SO SO SO good.

BTW, thanks for the ice cream maker tip. I ordered it on Amazon and should have it tomorrow. Hello ice cream, my old friend!

What's for Supper? said...

your souffle looks delicious. Now I am excited to make mine!

mike said...

Marvelous! Love your family photos - they're quite nice! Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves -AND the souffle. It looks perfect And the mug is perfect - that chocolate really pops against the white! So glad you made it this week... time to "Turnover" now for next week! Nicely done Katrina!

Teanna said...

Oh man, how cute is Sam! I dont' mean to laugh, but I thought it was so cute that you said that he opened an umbrella in the car! The souffle looks AWESOME - I love how much it rose. Gorgeous job, I am so glad that you made it!

isa said...

OMG, locking himself in the car... I'm glad he was found!
Your chocolate soufflé look delicious!

noble pig said...

I would have had such a heart attack as well, that is the worst feeling ever. All the kids looks so cute though!

Jayne said...

My five-year-old daughter wandered off one day and I was out there hollering and calling and looking with wide wide eyes, trying to SEE her through the trees or other houses...finally she kind of sauntered out from behind one of the bushes in front of our neighbor's house - she'd just gone over to see if that neighbor was home and - for whatever reason a five-year-old has - didn't bother to answer her parents' calls. Relief and fury at the same time!

And your souffle looks wonderful - I love the mug!

Liz said...

Love the mug o' souffle! Looks delicious with the chocolate ice cream, and it sounds like the perfect anecdote to being locked in a car. :)

Unknown said...

So happy Sam was okay when you found him!!

The souffle sure looks delicious!! I love that you used a mug! Does it taste as good as it looks??

Valerie said...

That looks way too irrisistible with that ice cream next to it! You know the best baking blogs. I'm off to visit the ones you mentioned and find even more yummy recipes!

Hindy said...

Your souffle rose beautifully! And that ice cream looks so inviting. Glad your little guy was found safe.

Nick said...

That looks super fun. I wish it wasn't terribly rainy right now, I'd prefer to get wet on a wide. Choc souffle, hooray!

TeaLady said...

Fantastic looking souffles. They rose beautifully.

I took an oven shot, too, just in case.

Becky said...

Hi! Can you believe it? It's actually me! First off, I looked up my name on fb search, scary, your right! Second, yum! I've never made a souffle, wow, it looked so chocolety. Third, yikes!!! How scary was that with Sam?! I'm so glad he's ok. Any word on Stillwater?

Donna-FFW said...

What a delicious looking recipe. You made it sound so easy, love the pictures of the boys, adorable!!

Jennifer said...

What fun pictures!!!!

Yours souffle turned out so perfect! I loved it too

sweet delight said...

What a gorgeous souffle!

Romaine said...

I love the mug too. Got a laugh when you forgot the powdered sugar at first. I forgot to put any on the souffle before I put it in the oven but it kinda looks like it disappears anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to make a choc/zucchini cake soon. Healthy or not, it looks and sounds delicious.

Your souffles look wonderful.

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