Saturday, May 23, 2009

S'mores Chocolate Covered Brownie Balls

Look at what I did?


I know--I will NEVER compare to the amazing Bakerella with all her cake balls and cake pops--have you seen them?  Oh my gosh, the cutest things ever!  I especially love her holiday themed creations.  That gal has talent and PATIENCE that I will never have, but I was inspired to try something else somewhat similar because of the promptings of Taylor's preschool teacher who has recently gone ga-ga over cake balls (and she's made some pretty nice ones, too!).  Anyway, I've mentioned before  that my family doesn't really like cake, (and Kevin really hates frosting!), which are probably the main reasons I haven't ever tried making cake balls.

Something that all the kids and Kevin really like are BROWNIES!  So I made Brownies Balls.  Um, these are good!  And really, you can make homemade brownies, but I didn't.  I used a mix.  I made the family size one that fits in a 9x13 pan, but I ended up using only about a 9x9 square of of brownies.  So-9x9 brownies.  1 package of graham crackers, 2 tablespoons of butter and 5 ounces of marshmallows.  I baked the brownies-just until they were set.  None of the edges were crispy or well done.  I ground the graham crackers up in the food processor.  I melted the butter in a pan on the stove, along with the marshmallows.

While the graham cracker crumbs were in the food processor, I added the baked brownie all crumbled up and pulsed that together.  Then I added the very sticky melted marshmallow and pulsed that together--it clumped up and was very hard for the food processor, so I would suggest moving the brownies and grahams to a large bowl and mixing the marshmallow in with a wooden spoon.  I purposely didn't mix it in completely, so it would have streaks of marshmallow in it.


I then stuck them in the freezer.  Later, oh about an hour or so, I melted a 12 ounce bag of semi sweet chocolate chips (I would have used milk chocolate as that is used with the traditional S'mores, but I was out of milk chocolate).  I melted the chocolate in 20-30 second intervals in a microwave safe glass dish.  When it was melted, I stirred in about 1 tablespoon of shortening for glossiness.   Using a fork and spoon, I dipped each one in the melted chocolate and put them on waxed paper.  I sprinkled each one as I dipped them with colorful sprinkles.  (If you don't sprinkle them immediately, the chocolate will harden too quickly for them to stick.)

These were a big hit with all the people I shared them with.  I plan to try more versions with peanut butter added and possibly a mint version.  Maybe a little something hidden inside, like onions, pickles or spiders?!  Okay--KIDDING!  But I'll probably try Hershey's Kisses or some other delectable candy hidden inside.  You can try them on a stick, which is popular, but I haven't had great luck with things on sticks.

My whole point to doing this was to see if  the whole cake pop idea worked with brownies--and it does.  As a binder, I may just home make some frosting next time, too.  Not sure yet, but these are yummy.  Play around with your food, it's fun and kids can help!


The marshmallow wasn't really noticeable in looks, but you can taste it!


S'mores Chocolate Covered Brownie Balls, recipe by Katrina

1 box 9x13 brownies mix, made according to directions, cooled (you only need about 9x9 size of them, this way you'll have some leftover for snacking! ;)

1 package graham crackers, finely ground crumbs

5 ounces marshmallows

2 tablespoons butter

12 oz. chocolate chips

1 tablespoon shortening

candy sprinkles, for decoration

Make brownies according to package directions.  Cool completely.  Pulse graham crackers in a food processor until fine crumbs.  Crumble brownies into food processor and pulse together with graham cracker crumbs.  Melt together butter and marshmallows in pot on stove .  Put the brownie and graham cracker mixture into a large bowl.  Add the melted marshmallow and stir together with a wooden spoon. 

Make about 1 inch balls of mixture and set on a wax paper lined baking sheet.  Freeze for about an hour.  Melt chocolate chips in microwave safe dish in 20-30 second intervals.    When melted and smooth, add shortening.  Dip brownies balls completely into chocolate by setting one on a spoon.  Slide off the spoon with a fork onto waxed paper.  Sprinkle each immediately after dipping.  Let set.  For a quick set, set baking sheet in freezer or refrigerator.   Upon serving or giving these away, set each one into candy size liners.  Makes about 30.


Taylor's last day of preschool on Friday was a fun day of outside activities, parents and siblings were invited.  The weather was beautiful and perfect with no windy (it's always SO windy at his school that sits up on a hill!). 



Look out, he WILL squirt you!


It's even been warm enough for a little of this---


Last summer Sam did not appreciate the cold water of the pool.  Taylor's friend Joey came over to play and I told the boys it has to be 85 degrees or hotter to have a "water party" as Taylor calls it.  Well, I think it only got up to 84 this day, but I gave in anyway.  They had a blast!



Summertime, here we come!


Anonymous said...

Yum! Those look wonderful.

I love the pics of your boys! Cute!

Jersey Girl Cooks said...

My son would love these as he is a chocolate boy. The pictures are adorable.

Megan said...

Wow - my kids *ahem* I mean I would love those! What a clever combination!

Unknown said...

Your brownie pops are really cute. They look great :)

And I lovee the picture of Sam in the tub. He is sooo adorable.

Flourchild said...

Yum perfect treats you have there! Your kids are so cute! How fun!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a fun treat! I saw Kraft Marshmallows on sale yesterday for 88 cents a bag and didn't get any! Darn!

Anonymous said...

The brownie/graham cracker/marshmallow combo sounds really good! I also like the presentation. It looks like something I might actually be able to do!

Pamela said...

Christian is really into the pool and water play this year, too. It's fun to watch, isn't it? Nice job on the brownies. They look so yummy.

Becky said...

I made the red velvet cake balls last year, they were good, but I'm thinkin' that those brownie balls look even better.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

S'mores brownies cake balls? Now not even Bakerella thought about that one! They must taste amazing! Love seeing the kids having some summer fun!

vibi said...

All those yummy words wrapped up in one title is enough to make me crave those!

They must be delightful!

RecipeGirl said...

Brownie balls sound better to me than the cake ones. Love that you made them Smorey. Fun!! And hey, There's no comparing Bakerella to you.. you come up with fantastic ideas yourself!!

Elyse said...

Oh my goodness! Your boys are so precious, Katrina! And those brownie balls are just genius! I think they look absolutely great. Plus, I'm a fan of anything s'more-related, so I can't wait to try out this recipe!! I'm not sure about the BlogHer conference; I have to see what my school schedule looks like. But, either way, I'd love to meet up while you're in the city (because, yes I do live here :) )!!

Megan said...

I think I would like those better then any old cake ball. Brownies and s'mores all rolled in a ball and dunked in chocolate=YUM!
Cute kids. :)

DawnP said...

Hi, I followed your link from your comment on the Bakerella blog, and boy, am I glad I did! These look and sound amazing -- I can't wait to try them! Thanks for the inspiration!

Risa said...

I thought I had added your blog to my reader and just realized I had not. These look incredible!

Grunged, Glittered n' Branded said...

Darn! lol I thought I was coming up with something new! :) I had an idea in my head for some chocolate covered Smore's Balls and thought I would google some just to see if there were already some out there. I found you! Would you mind if I made some to post on my blog and link back to you?

Marlene Detierro said...

WOW, brownie balls?! so cute! These are probably too delicate to hold up to being pops, but they still look super cute :)

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