Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Would You Look At This Face?!

This little joy of my life, makes messes everywhere he goes--especially with food.  But get a look at this--I cannot be mad at this face!


The eyes just melt my heart.  Yep, it's more Nutella.  I put a little between two Ritz crackers.  First thing he does is open it up and "eat" or wear the Nutella and throw away the crackers.  Smarty. 


I wanted to post a few goodies today, but I am too pooped to post!  It's been a day.  Another cute thing my little guy does--he knows that when the timer goes off (and it does a lot around here!), that I head for the oven, get the oven mitts and take out the "hot stuff", so as soon as the timers starts beeping, he now runs into the kitchen and thinks he's going to get it before me.


DSCF9373 DSCF9374


Not sure what I'm going to do when he can actually open the oven, but how cute is he!

Stay tuned for some great recipes coming up.  Hint:  When life hands you cake, make.............


Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - yea, you sooo can't be mad at that face - lol. Too cute!


Clumbsy Cookie said...

Cake cookies? Lol! I'm so sure sam will be a pastry chef! I'll then hire him to work for me, lol!

Jersey Girl Cooks said...


Jaime said...

ok, so he has got to be the cutest thing ever!!!

Tina said...

So cute!!!

Leslie said...

OMG! How darn cute is your little one!!!!! I could just eat him up!!!!Thanks for stopping by my blg and wishing me a Happy 100!!!
But most importantly, thank you for reading my blog!