Monday, September 22, 2008

Have A Cookie With Your Cookie!


I've seen Oreos as a mix-in for cookies recently (to name one) and decided to give it a try.  So here you are--Oreos in a chocolate chip cookie and of course, not just any cookie, but my latest go-to cookie, the New York Times Ultimate recipe, which mirrors Jacques Torres' great cookie.  I pretty much always follow this recipe exactly.  This time I switched things up with what I put inside.  No matter what, it's always a great cookie!  I usually half the recipe, but this time I made the whole recipe, and divided the dough into thirds so I could "play around" with mix-ins.  I just gotta tell you, they were all GOOD!!! 

So, those Oreo Overload No-Bake Brownies I posted about in my last post, I keep thinking of them as Condensed Oreos and really can an Oreo be more condensed?  Well, I took those and chopped them into little square cubes and I added a good cup or so (it was 4 1/2 oz.) to 1/3 of the dough.  I also added 5 or so broken up Oreo Cookies.  I really didn't think these would win me over, because I really would rather have a chocolate chip cookie over Oreos and I was afraid the Oreos would take away from my ccc enjoyment.  But Holy Cow, these are really good!  You gotta try a chocolate chip cookie based dough with broken up Oreos in it!  You don't have to make the no-bake treat I made yesterday to put in them, just chop up lots of Oreos.  I have been making smaller cookies lately and Kevin mentioned how dinky they were.  So the one pictured above is a big one I made just for him. 

I have also seen recently on a few blogs including this cute one called ......and a cookie for dessert, the idea of putting baked chocolate chip cookies IN cookie dough and baking it.  Well, I knew I had to try that.  Brooke at .....and a cookie for dessert said that it was just so good.  So, what do you get when you cross Tyler Florence (cute and talented Food Network chef) with Jacques Torres (great chocolatier of the world!)?  Well, that would be these cookies!  A few weeks ago I made Tyler Florence's take on Big, Fat Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies and well, love you Tyler, but the cookies were just okay, pretty much like Nestle Toll House cookie.  I stuck them in the freezer thinking these would be good knowing I wanted to try this idea of a ccc in a ccc.  So I have to say, they were pretty good.  Surely something I think you should try next time your baking cookie.  Break up a few and stick them in some dough.  I made some of this dough into cookies yesterday and chilled the rest of the dough, which made them not quite as crunchy (the bits of cookie inside) as they would have been fresh.  To this 1/3 of dough, I added 6 oz. broken up cookies and 1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips.  It made for kind of a yummy extra crunch to the cookie.  First, here's a picture of the Tyler Florence cookie---


And the CCC in a CCC's---  


With another portion of the dough, I mixed it all together, including some of the chopped Oreo No-Bake Brownie candy, some broken up Oreos, some of Tyler's broken up ccc's, some chocolate chips and for kicks on the last few, I also threw in some walnuts.  Oh and M&M's!  These baked up chunky and SO full of good stuff!  I'm saying, you just can't go wrong with this dough and pretty much any add-ins you wish!  Whatever will they (or I) think of next?    Hmmmm.




You know you want some!


Clumbsy Cookie said...

Katrina, do you realize I allways read your posts early in the morning when I'm starving? Do you? DO YOU? You really went to town with these cookies, the 3rd ones are just too much, in a good way!!! LOVE IT! Sometimes I wish we would be neighbours! But then again I think, I would probably need 2 doors to enter the house, lol!
Oh, about the magic berries you talked about in the comment on my blog, I've heared about them. The other day at the gym I listened to a podcast about these berries, aparently it's the latest fashion in NY and LA to have magic berries parties, where everyone eats one and then has a lot of food with strange ingredients, or no sugar, or just eat plain lemon... Crazy!
Ask me I'd rather have your cookies. Ok, I'll stop now!

Darius T. Williams said...

Great! This is good.

"So what do you want with your cookie?"

"More cookies!"

I love it!


alexandra's kitchen said...

oh wow. these are over the top. I love oreos in anything — ice cream, mouse, fudge, pie. i can't imagine I wouldn't like them in a cookie, too.

Lisa magicsprinkles said...

CCC in a CCC! Way past amazing. The M&M ones look so colorful and fun. I need to make these with MY boys!

Brooke said...

I do! I DO want some! Those look so amazing. My mouth is watering...

Lisa Ernst said...

I think you are the most "thinking out of the box" cookie baker online! Love your experiments.

Judy said...

Katrina - your creativity never ceases to amaze me. These cookies look so great and yummy.

Katrina said...

Thanks All,
I do usually get my ideas from others, so I can't take all the credit.

Tanya said...

Oh My..danger zone! Double the calories, but double the goodness. I love it!

Nancy/n.o.e said...

Hey, glad to hear you're joining TWD - but too bad it's after the run of cookies that we've been baking! Anyway, you really should try the dimply cake. I baked along with TWD while I was waiting for my membership to become official.

The CCC's in CCC's sound amazing. I have yet to try the NYT recipe, but I have tried some that I could crumble up into it!

Unknown said...

Those do look SO good! Especially the CCC in CCC. I think I may need to try this NY Times recipe. My favorite recipe I've tried recently is the Neimann Marcus cookies but yours look really good.

Unknown said...

BTW...I left you an award on my blog.

Beth said...

I love your blog! The boys are adorable and your recipes make me drool on my keyboard. Welcome to TWD!

The Peanut Butter Boy said...

Yum, those are some wacky crazy awesome cookies you got going on there. I don't think the hunt for the ultimate cookie will ever end, someone else will add an extra teaspoon of butter or remove a pinch of flour and claim theirs supreme. Judging from the look of yours, these must come pretty darn close!

priscilla joy said...

these look *so* good!!! cookies is one of the best desserts ever invented!

Katrina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenny said...

Great post! Your cookies look phenomenal! Thanks for the link, glad I could be of some inspiration. Now I've got to add some cooked cookies to my next batch. Love that idea.

Have a great day!

Prudy said...

Oh gosh, they all look so good. Which one should I try first? Let me know-seriously! I even have some Halloween m and ms in the cupboard.

Marthe said...

Welcome to TWD!! Looking forward to seeing your first receipe!

Pamela said...

I love doing this with Oreos! I really don't even eat Oreos anymore, unless I happen to be smashing them up to put into a cookie. These are the number 1 requested cookie when I offer to bake something for someone. They are awesome!! Everything looks great. And I still have not tried the NYT cookie, but it's definitely on the list!

Prudy said...

That's funny that you just made the apple bars also. They are so delicious, aren't they? I love to bring them to potlucks when I need a sure fire hit.

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