Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Yeast" Levain? Ya Gotta Try It!


So I know what you're thinking--this cookie--again?  Well darn it if my foodie friends don't keep finding a better recipe for it.  And well, you're thinking is the cookie REALLY that great?  Well, there's just something about it, but even more so, there's just something about trying to perfect it.  You know, in this crazy life of mine with a house full of boys--I think I just like my time in the kitchen.

So without further talk, just know that this is the closest I think we've come to getting the Levain just like theirs.  One of the Cookie Madness readers tried yeast as the leavening and it works.  It doesn't taste yeasty, but has that something/something that Levain has snuck into their cookie to make it stand out from others.  We're (when I say we, I'm talking about Anna from Cookie Madness--she tried the recipe first and I will actually link the recipe from her that Rita in Portugal has "mastered") finding that the cookie is best after sitting for a few hours and possibly even a day.  Although, there still is just nothing like a cookie not long out of the oven!  So if you're at all interested, give this a try!


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Clumbsy Cookie said...

Wow Katrina! Glad you tried them and ecpecially glad you liked them! Since you're the only one that have actually tried the original, that good!