Friday, March 14, 2008

Just Gotta Get It Done!

I keep not having enough time to blog, but decided I just need to get what I can done for now and do as much as I can or else I'll really get behind. 

Last weekend I was able to go to Utah to be with my brother (my parents were also there from Idaho).  My brother got to baptize his daughter, Emma, and bless his baby, Logan.  We also got to enjoy seeing them sealed together in the temple.  I had a great time and it was an enjoyable "break" from being Mom.  (Thanks Kevin for making it possible for me to go--you're a great Dad AND Mom!)  I stayed with my parents in a hotel and we had a great time hanging out for the weekend.  This is the only picture I had my dad take with his digital camera and send to me.  At least I got something to document the trip.  (My brother is a goofball and can't take a serious picture to save his life! : )


This week has zipped by for some reason and now my sweet little baby turns one on Sunday (where did the last year go?!) and it's also the start of spring break for the kids.  Gotta find some fun things for them to do, or I'll go crazy!

DSCF5556 DSCF5444 DSCF5546 DSCF5501 DSCF5576 DSCF5569

I am just not sure if there could be a cuter, happier little smiley face!  What a Babe!

DSCF5567 DSCF5349

Taylor's a pretty cute, happy smiley guy, too!  Funny, same smiley pose--these pictures are a few months apart.

Parker had his kindergarten music program early last week.  It was fun.  They performed some great songs that they (and we) had been practicing for months now.  The songs were all about learning the sounds of letters, such as "I put the penny in the gum slot, see the gum go round, I get the gum, you get the wrapper, cause I put the penny in the gum slot"  Then they sang it many different ways, "Pi, put the penny pum plot, pee the pum po pound, Pi pet the pum, pou pet the prapper, puz Pi put the penny pin the pum plot...." And so on with lots of different changes to the first sound of each word.  They also did a cute version of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Down by the Bay, among others.  We sang all the songs lots and lots in the car over the last few months.  (Phew, glad that's over with, just kidding!--Some of those songs can sure get stuck in your head!)

DSCF5515 Smile Parker!

Smile, Parker!

At least he knows how to dress!  (What do you expect, this was while I was gone for the weekend!  : )


And finally, for now, Scott had a fun assignment at school.  They had to write a little story using all of the spelling words for the week.  I thought this turned out a cute story.  I will underline the spelling words:


As a reward for achieving our goal of finishing our State Assessment Tests, my friend, Madison, and I agreed that we should go see a movie.  After seeing a poster for a movie called "A Chicken With Whiskers Riding a Rocket we bought two tickets.

The movie theater sold popcorn in four bucket sizes:  small, medium, large and bushel.  After buying our popcorn, we stopped at the candy machine.  We couldn't decide whether we wanted to eat popcorn or candy first.  I declared, "I would rather eat the popcorn first and then the candy."

As we were finding our seats, Madison tripped and spilled the popcorn.  We quickly gathered it up before the movie began.  The preview was boring.  It was about a man wearing an apron over his clothing as he made brackets by heating metal to 2,000 degrees.

The movie finally was great!!  I would tell you the ending, but it's a secret, you'll have to buy your own ticket.

The author of this story is Scott.

Good job, Scott!

That's about it with us for now!


Anne Marie said...

Your boys have grown up so much since I moved away. That baby Sam is darling. So jealous of your trip to NYC.

Max and Deborah said...

Very cute children. Those smiles are adorable. How fun for you to go to Utah. It is nice to get to go with out children once and a while. How cute are your mom and dad! Tell them I say hello.